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Every morning while I have my coffee (lovingly made for me by my husband) I scrawl through my blog roll and google reader checking out what has popped up. While I do glaze over a lot of them there are a few that I always look for that provide inspiration, humour, and a splash of pretty. Thought that I would send through a few of my current favourites (and golden oldies) that you might want to check out too.

Always with butter
Don’t need to explain any further than that title really do I? Great photography and recipes, it’s a place of pretty and yum – two of my favourite things!

Absolutely Beautiful Things
And this is just that. Amazing photos, style, ideas, inspiration and a touch of online shopping now too. The way she creates seasonal vignettes for her shop I think is amazing. I am a lover of colour and Anna feeds my passion when she posts every few days.

Down that Little Lane
Tessa’s blog was discovered when I hosted Maxabella’s grateful post one weekend and I am so glad I found it. A mixture of style and design, a little home life thrown in for good measure and a great resource for finding the best of Australian Independent Designers. She is also incredibly beautiful which is neither here nor there but I like the gal.

Heather Nette King & Salvation Jane
These two friends have got the kind of style I wish I had just a little bit of. And the best bit? They get paid to do it. I think in another life I am going to come back as a stylist, or interior designer or something. I love their style, use of colour and great links they always have – with a recipe or two thrown in for good measure from Jane.

Show Pony & Plain Jane Styling
Jane is a stylist, Mum and all round cool lady and these are blogs for her businesses. I always find her posts interesting and of course inspiring as she has a great eye and explains things to a chick like me who has no real “proper” idea on these matters. Plus, she’s lovely. We like lovely.

Che and Fidel
I discovered this little local blog through Tim’s photo shoot that he did with them a few months ago and have become addicted to it. Jodi has just had a little baby girl and the way she has transitioned the newest member into their family has been inspiring. A little style. Great writing. Amazing photography. Do yourself a favour and read her latest post on the birth of Poet.

Little Green Shed
I only found this one last week and I’m already smitten. While it’s not really a “family” blog and more of a life blog with cool stuff thrown in as well. Beautiful photos. Great taste and style.

Jelly Baby
Jo’s blog has been a favourite of mine for years now. I love the simplicity of her blog. Her great photos. Her style and awesome parenting – she’s like an Australian Soule Mama I reckon AND she makes stuff too! Crafty minx.

The Beetle Shack
Em has become of my favourite bloggers after discovering her (again) through Tim’s photo shoot. She is cool, and funny AND BEAUTIFUL. And she tells it like it is, and I do like that. Her blog is a mixture of cool stuff, family life, art and pretty and I have loved each and every one of her posts. She rocks.

Of course the thing about blogs is that once you start on one, you end up in another, and then an hour later you are down a completely different rabbit hole to the one you started in and your children are completely neglected and there is nothing ready for dinner. Have fun adventuring and let me know what’s one blog that I need to start reading right now?


  1. Oh Wow, Beth! Thanks for the list. I’m always on the look out for fab new blogs. As it’s breakfast time and I’m hungry, I think I’ll head straight to ‘Always With Butter’… yum! xx

  2. Great list! Just added a few to my already overloaded google reader. – then you must – its beautiful.
    Thanks – love your blog, too. 🙂

  3. O – so many interesting and lovely blogs to meander through when I should be cleaning and doing other worthy things! Thank you for sharing!

  4. ooh lady! thanks so much!! im feeling pretty spesh. I must confess- one post from you per day is not enough, often times i find myself checking back a few times!

    xo em

  5. Oh my…..Always with Butter is divine!

  6. Thanks Beth, some of those are new to me so i’ll enjoy checking them out. You may have noticed GTV Diaries have had a name change. Check us out

  7. some old faves of mine here and some new ones to explore too. cheers.

    (first time here. looks fab. off to explore)


  8. I’ve recently discovered Beetle Shack too, and LOVE it. But I might just go and visit some of these lovely blogs that I’ve not heard of before.

    Thanks for the shout out to new blogs!


  9. Great list! I do need some new inspiration, perfect timing!
    I’ve been a long time ‘little green shed’ reader, lou is lovely 😉

    My must reads are: and

    x Rhi

  10. Oh thanks so much for those really kind words. Jane put me into your blog and I am a regular here now.


  11. Awh shucks, thanks my sweet, so kind of you and lovely to know you enjoy my mix..

    Em is one of my favs so nothing new for you there and you have a few of my other favs covered too but is still a fab one for reading about the real lives of those fab design types and Jayde from doesn’t post all that much but when she does a personal oe she often makes me wet my pants (just a little).

    Right off to check out the other ones on your list, thanks for the heads up.. always up for a little more time wasting whilst not looking after the rugrats (I am a good Mum really, I promise) xx

  12. WOW – thank you! What a lovely thing to write… and I am listed in such great company too! I feel really ‘spesh’ as Em puts it! Big hugs Lou xxx

  13. Yup, 5 of those are my faves too. Especially Em, what a cracker she is! Everyone loves her! And I’m just getting started on your blog too, so far I like what I see!
    Rach x

  14. Yup, 5 of those are my faves too. Especially Em, what a cracker she is! Everyone loves her! And I’m just getting started on your blog too, so far I like what I see!
    Rach x

  15. oh hi, just me. I just popped back for a little ego boost 😉


  16. Oh, I got here through A Baby Called Max and I’m loving your blog already. Loved the design; it’s so simple yet it’s super friendly! (Just the way I like it – my blog template is probably the same as yours).

    Anyway – I love the way you write. You’ve just got a new follower.

    Maybe you could come visit me too one of these days (I’ll be guest posting tomorrow at Cherie’s too – I’m also that cool haha)

    Have a great day

  17. Ohhh I LOVE ABT! Have been resisting the urge to do some damage via the new online store since it launched…have you tried? Off to avoid the housework and trawl those others, thanks!

  18. What a great list! I’m going to go check them out now. I did this the other day on my new blog and you were on it x

  19. YOU are lovely. I also love, lovely,.. ahhh,..a lovely love fest! mwah! xxxx

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