Ding! Ding! DIng! We have a WINNER!

I have no idea how these things “should” be done. I am sure that the experts have special systems in place that most definitely involve spreadsheets and plugins and the like. Me? Well I went old school (and pain in the arse route) and wrote down and numbered each and every comment, tweet or Facebook entry in order that they came in. Yep. Then I entered them into Random.org, made my 4 year old press the button to take the pressure off me and voila! We had a winner!

So who is the lucky person…?

The lucky winner is RAKSTER!

Lucky you! I’m glad that it has gone to someone who has been reading my blog for a while now, which you will be happy to know, Rakster has. So, send me an email with your address and I will get this pack of goodness to you!

Thanks to all of you who entered and commented and left lovely messages – you are all tops! And a huge thanks to everyone who gave me some stuff to giveaway – Dan Murphys, Aunty Cookie, Foxtel, Twentieth Century Fox, Gallop Lifestyle – you guys are tops too!

Here’s to another 5 years…


  1. Congrats to Rakster! And to you Beth for organising such a cool giveaway.

    Looks like I’ll have to go buy my own damn Hendricks :). xxx

  2. Rakster is ONE lucky girl!

    Love your system. I think that’s exactly what I would have done too!

  3. I thought for SURE it’d be me : ( congrats to Rakster tho!

    PS. don’t even get me started on the fuckenjasmine right now – INSANE!!! xx

  4. congrats Rakster you lucky biatch….

  5. Crikey that looked like hard work.

  6. Congrats to Rakster – what wonderful loot to win! J x

  7. Rakster – you lucky duck! Congratulations!

  8. yay yay yay!!

    woot woot woot!

    thanks Beth!

    can you tell I’m excited?!!!!

  9. Well done Rakster!

  10. Oh I love your system lady, you’re old school and it rocks :o)
    Love the shot of Daisy, she is so experienced at this gig now!
    Congrats to Rakster!

  11. Wow Rakster is one mightly luck gal. Enjoy your winnings. Cheers….


    Oh sorry, forgot I was a grown up now.

    Congrat-u-lations Rakster.

    All I can really think is ‘that’s not me’ x

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