Back to business

Well, there we go. Another birthday done and dusted. I must say I am always quite relieved when they are finished – more so the older I get. I’m not sure what exactly about a birthday I don’t seem to like so much – the fuss, the focus, (which is weird given I spend my entire life making everything about me!) the expectation that it’s not/or is living up to something – who knows? I am just relieved it’s done and dusted for another year. And I think Rob is too given he was spruiking “It’s not your birthday anymore sunshine!” to me this morning. May have been an indication he was glad it was over too?! Yes, I think so.

It’s raining here today – cold, slanting, windy rain. Although it’s looking like spring out there, it’s most definitely reminding us that it’s still winter – for a few more weeks at least. I have had the most productive morning – don’t you love those? Daisy trotted off to Preschool and Rob up to Sydney for a meeting so I had the place {almost} to myself. I cleaned, I changed sheets, I washed, I filed paperwork that has been sitting in a pile for 6(!) months, I booked trips to Melbourne next month & QLD the next, I sent emails, I created a media kit (ha!), I paid bills…I just got stuff done. And it feels great! When I am in one of those moods I just have to run with it as they are few and far between and if I stop and sit in front of the fire (which is likely to happen in the next few hours) I’ll just stop. And do nothing else and before I know it, it will be 5.30 and there won’t be dinner for anyone. So, best I be off to get some more stuff done. WHY IS THERE ALWAYS MORE STUFF TO DO?

Before we go, a little taste of my happy place. My local pub, Saturday afternoon with my sister having a drop of bubbles by the fire. NO kids. NO husbands. Just us, nattering….heaven!


  1. Are they Grant Burge piccolo’s?

    That place looks awesome nothings beats a comfy chair a fireplace and no kids (or husbands) lucky girl.

  2. It feels so good to have such a productive day! good on you! x

  3. Both sound perfect to me, productive day then a Cosy chair with a fire x

  4. I like’re running full charge into the year! Good one!

  5. Go you good thing!
    I need a morning like that. I try to get everything done first thing but end up getting so distracted. I probably have a day like that once a month! Must lift my game. 🙂 xx

  6. I am heading to your part of the world for a girls weekend in october. I feel this pub is just where we need to be! comfy couches. beverages. heaven.

  7. Yeah birthday’s suck the big one… I really don’t like the awkwardness of it all.
    And yes, why IS there so much bloody stuff to do… sometimes my mind boggles when I realise I’m doing 6 things at once… none of them properly!
    Well done on your big busy morning lady xo

  8. A belated happy birthday to you!! x

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