Back it up

Hang on just one minute, no mention of the weekend? Apologies! I was too taken with my clean windows and beautiful garden to not post about. Clean windows will always get priority around here…

We had a lovely time with my Dad and step Mum. We ate, visited antique stores, drank, ate some more, visited the pub, played some boules, enjoyed some sunshine, ate, watched some footy, drank some more and then ate again. The perfect combination!

And we all exchanged birthday presents as the 3 of us all have birthdays a week apart from each other. I got a little birthday present – a beautiful pottery jug from Berrima – turquoise too!


  1. ooo i am very jealous of that jug…happy birthday btw!

  2. How cool is your Dad with his funky scarf!!! xx

  3. What a lovely weekend. BTW I’m nearly ready to post pictures of my turquoise door and it looks amazing, I LOVE it!!!!

  4. whoa, nice jug… !

  5. LOVE that jug!

  6. Is that the Queen just below your jug? I feel there is a story there…

  7. Loving these pics lady and that JUG! Whoa baby, that is a funky piece, noice! xo

  8. They look like watermelons! They’re so beautiful!

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