An August Afternoon

That was some good weather on the weekend wasn’t it? Sunshine. Clear skies. Warmer days. And even better, warmer nights. Yesterday afternoon after Rob had got stuck into the garden for a few hours and I had cleaned all the windows in our main room (I’ll tackle the rest sometime…) we sat outside in the late afternoon sun, had a beer and admired, well, everything. It all just looked so good. All of it. Almost a year on, we still pinch ourselves that this is our home, that this is where we live, that we did it. I wonder if that will ever wear off? And I wonder how we ever lived in the city for as long as we did.


  1. House porn. Love it xx

  2. Deep sigh…I guess that goes with Woogy’s comment too.

    Happy day Lovely & thank you for sharing,

    x Felicity

  3. It is just exquisite, and the only thing that saves me of dying from jealously is the fact that you just love it so much and keep dressing it up and making it look even more gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous. It’s great that you appreciate it and enjoy it. And I love the sparkling windows (inspired to clean mine, soon…). xo

  5. Our weekend did not look like that. it was rain clouds and wet, wet, wet but I shall live through yours.

  6. I love when you let us ‘come over’.
    Thanks for a stunning view over breakfast.

  7. Oh, no wonder you’re pinching yourself, Beth. I would be, too. It all looks so tranquil. That tends to be the case when the children are out of shot, doesn’t it?! J x

  8. I love these photos. Last night when we were watching “Grand Designs” my Mr asked me if I’d ever live in the country and I said that if he could find a place like yours I would! πŸ™‚

  9. Looks so gorgeous and serene. I grew up in the country, but married a man who unfortunately has a job that needs to be in the city. I miss the country.

    Do you keep the children in the basement? I can’t see any traces of children ever having been there!! xx

  10. Cleaning a bit of nature off the windows has GOT to be better than car smog, right?

    I need to tackle our windows. I have never cleaned the outside and we have lived in our house for nearly four years. But it’s really really high up and their are flyscreens… I need to be brave… x

  11. Oh the light and space..something so hard to find in the city (unless you have oodles of course).. we spent the weekend in the garden too and have a rather long list of cleaning stuff to do…mine looks good from a far but far from good up close xx

  12. Looks just like perfection to me!

  13. Simply divine! x

  14. Gorgeous snaps lady. Those windows are looking super sparkly. Well done on the elbow grease :o) xo

  15. *sigh* I want to move to the country.

  16. It’s beautiful. Loving your window flowers… Where did you find your adirondack chairs?? Am searching for some but they differ wildly in price and, I assume, quality! gxo

  17. I want to move to your house. Love the sun drenched rooms – just what you dream of coming out of a cold cold winter. What a beautiful home.

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