1. Congratulations on 100 posts. Well done!

  2. love it. Happy 1000 posts Beth! x

  3. You are HILARIOUS. Happy 1000th BabyMac. xxx
    ps. Congratulations on the pimple too. Can’t see anything, so you mustn’t have been working that hard on it. 😉

  4. Happy 1000 post baby mac. May you continue your day to day dribble for a long time to come x

  5. Congratulations Beth! What a milestone! I only recent found your blog (a month ago) but it’s awesome. Thanks for the laughs!

  6. Congratulations on 1000 posts on one of my favourite blogs! I am a relative newcomer to your blog, but love reading your journey xx

  7. Congrats love, thats awesome. Loving all you’re posts, more pics of you’re gorgeous home!! Hehe
    Amba@ Team Mummy xx

  8. 1000 bits of awesome and it’s been FABULOUS sharing them with you x

  9. Wow, congratulations – you make moving to the country, having an enormous house and getting away with unwashed hair look AMAZING!!!!
    Only found your blog last week and am happy to be here for your milestone :))

  10. Very cool, congrats on still looking fab at 1000 xx

  11. Congrats- this is a massive effort!

  12. cookcleanstudy says

    Congratulations on this fantastic effort. Please keep them coming, love reading all your posts. xx

  13. Congrats! 1000! Thanks for the bit of sanity you give me xx

  14. 1000? Really? you don’t look a day over 999.

    Nice work Beth. Have read happily every single one of those 1000 posts. Love the blog to bits.

    Hope you are drinking something worthy of the celebration!?!?!?

  15. champagne?

  16. Congrats lady!!!

    Looking forward to the next 1000!


  17. Congrats BabyMac, that’s super cool. What a way to celebrate, by cleaning and doing loads of washing … hawt!

  18. Congrats Beth on 1000 posts!


  19. Wahoo, 1000 posts. Congratulations.

  20. Congrats hon, I too only found your blog just over a week ago and now have read every word of the 1000 post,just so happy to be up to date and can follow on every couple days now…..cheers!

  21. Oh lady, too too funny. Big congratulations on your 1000th post AND lookey look look, you’ve hit 400 followers too! It is ALL happening at BabyMac today. So hot right now :o) xo

  22. Congrats!
    Happy 1000 posts!
    I’m so happy for you! 😛


  23. Woo Hoo! 1000 posts. Congratulations Beth. Keep blogging xx

  24. Oh man you crack me up something fierce! Happy1000! *s*

  25. Good on you Beth!

  26. It wasn’t the 1000 posts that convinced me you’re a writer…

    It was the 1000th post.

    Mr Anonymous

  27. Hey, i’m a new reader and your blog just brightens my day. Thanks so much.

  28. happy thousand! You are quite mad, I must say (I know you’ll take that as a compliment, as it was meant). x

  29. Yaya! I can see your vlog now. To of of my favourites, Congratulations. May your vagina ever shine.


  30. WELL DONE BETTY – LOVE the blog, LOVE the video post and LOVE you! x

  31. Congrats! And you are just too cute 🙂

  32. Ah, fabulous! Loved it. Congrats on the big 1000, and hey…for Hump Day…you look pretty good!


  33. Girl you are pure absolute SUNSHINE – my sister and I read your posts daily and then talk daily about you (we don’t life near to each other) LOVE LOVE LOVE your gorgeous humour and keeping it real for us domestic goddess!!! Congrats DON”T STOP!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Congrats on 1000! That’s huge! Love reading your blog!

  35. I only found your blog a few days ago, slowly working my way through it. This is hilarious, you are so funny, and real, I love it. I’d love to have a wine or 5 with you!

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