Ways in which I am mental

1. I pick a fight with my husband 12 minutes into a 7 hour car trip home about something silly and stupid which lead to silence between us for 3 HOURS! 3! Of course the children still made noise, and demands and cried and fought and I refereed all that shenanigans, BUT 3 hours.

2. I tweeted the entire 3 hours of fighting silence because I had to TALK TO SOMEONE.

3. I quietly sat there steaming in my own self righteousness. “How could he leave the house keys behind? I mean I had packed everything up, like I had for the way up there, and all he had to do was pack the car, and he left them behind? I mean really. Men are useless.” And he sat there, thinking that the peace and quiet was nice and finally he could listen to ABC Grandstand uninterrupted. But oh NO! I was NOT GOING TO TALK FIRST. Stupid men.

4. Being so cranky and furiously updating twitter meant that I forgot to change the baby’s nappy which saw us on the side of the M5 at 5.30pm in arctic conditions stripping her naked because she had wet through everything.

5. With just 20 minutes to go on the trip home I decided to rehash the fight again. Yep. For no other reason than the fact THAT I AM MENTAL.

6. After deciding that I would have a few days alcohol free this week, I got home and poured 3 consecutively large glasses of white wine one after the other.

7. All everyone wanted to do this morning was relax and soak up being at home. I instead packed us up to go supermarket shopping! Strangely enough the baby had a tantrum and screamed the entire time.

8. Rob has to go interstate this week for work and will be gone for a few nights. I am already in a panic about night times and getting Harper to bed because inevitably she smells my fear, cries and screams and demands that I sit with her. As Rob explained to me, if I am already freaking out about it, what do you know? It will happen. Stupid men.

9. I am irrationally cranky that Victoria Beckham named her daughter Harper because this will mean that all the chavs in England will have daughters called Harper.


  1. Oh I hate those stupid arguments – especially when you’re stuck in the one spot together!

  2. not mental. normal. and really, how hard is it to pack the car? πŸ˜‰

  3. So good to know I’m not the only one that can sit fuming in silence at my husband’s annoyingness! And I thought of you as soon as I saw the news about Posh – frickin’ chavs.

  4. ps. you’re not mental – you’re normal πŸ˜‰ x

  5. Thank you.
    Now I’m laughing bewteen my own mental tears – at your expense unfortunately.
    Best of luck for the week ahead.
    Alcohol free + Husband away are not a great combination – trust me.Detox can wait.

  6. I have my own mental moments..like going to the supermarket and buying nothing but junk and then spending far too much on lunch..just ‘cos I wanted to get out of the house this morning! Now, I just feel guilty. Why do we think these things..and then do them??

  7. Yeah – PUHZACTLY about Vicki B naming her daughts Harper. The nerve – how annoying.

    I will never learn to not re-hash fights too close to the actual fight itself.

    I adore you for live-tweeting yesterday. Next time me and Dave have a fight, I’ll do it too. (You won’t have to wait long.)

    Good luck with bedtime tonight. Can’t you just get so drunk that you don’t care? That’s what *I* would do, if I was not, you know, an alcoholic.




    My die.

  8. pfft. just nine ways? although #9 seems perfectly rational to me.

  9. Your tweets were the most entertaining thing I read on Sunday! Was just one long list of ‘could this possibly get any worse?’ And just when I thought it couldn’t, it did! Seriously, I don’t know how you managed to get up this morning. Here’s to a great week ahead. Bottoms up!

  10. Mental moments – gotta love them!

  11. Who does she think she is, Nicole Ritchie?*

    Long road trips just bring out the best in all of us, huh? Glad your home and the shelves are stocked. Judy quietly, how did you get into the house???


    * sorry about that.

  12. If, prior to having children, anyone had ever told me of the amount of alcohol I would be desperate to drink I would have argued ’til I was blue in the face. Now I try to hang out until after their bedtime for my first drink BUT it’s really really hard!
    A big glass of wine or three is the only medicine to cure us of the mental-ness of this beautiful life we chose! Good luck to you, and to me as well!

  13. Seriously, you had me at ‘my die’.

    That kid of yours needs to do some stand up or something, she’s hilarious. x

  14. This is my most favourite post of the bloggy day! I am sure you and I must be cut from the same cloth!!!! Bloody men πŸ™‚

  15. We are 16 weeks away from having a baby boy. We have had the name Harper planned since our first pregnancy in 2007. We were happy for it to be for a boy or a girl (same as our first baby Banjo – we’re all about the unisex names but it doesn’t matter cause we’re now 3 for 3 boy breeders).

    I completely understand your annoyance at the situation. We have done some soul searching about baby’s name but have decided to stick with it and hopefully no-one will be stupid enough to think we copied Posh and Becks. In another strange twist Posh and I have the exact same birthday 17/04/74.

  16. Harper has become exceedingly popular since YOU named your daughter that lady… I have watched this phenomenon, I kid you not, I know 3 Harper’s!
    You poor love, hope the night times aren’t too bad, you never know, she might surprise you xo

  17. I must be mental too.

  18. Thanks for the giggle …. you sound just perfect to me!

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