A self portrait photographer I am not

A few things came to mind as I attempted to take some pictures of my new do this evening…

: I cannot take a good photo of myself
: I really need to work out how to use the timer thingy
: My hair is always flat and lifeless post hairdresser
: This will get better the greasier and more messed up my hair gets in the next few days
: I really should start to wear make up during the day
: Especially when taking pictures of just my HEAD for my blog
: This hair colour is awesome and I am addicted to platinum blonde hair
: It’s liberating changing your hair. Often. DO IT
: I cannot take a good photo of myself


  1. but super attractive, you are!

  2. Gorgeous!!!! And your hair, it looks fab x

  3. Ah you look good! I love changing my hair, although it has been a long time since i have now, but i did enjoy being short and platinum blonde, at one stage too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love it! Suits you so well and is super modern!

  5. Mrs Woog says

    Why you have no lines on your face?

  6. woot!!
    love the colour.

  7. I agree, I have been platinum for two years but my fine hair has given up the ghost so I’m giving it a break ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been White Haired since I was 15 on and off. Don’t you just feel like you shine?

  8. Fab-YOU-lus!

    xx f

  9. that is one awesome cut and colour.

  10. Not sure it’s the colour or the cut, but it’s bringing out your eyes beautifully. Great choice.

  11. Yep … one super hot mumma!!

  12. I would love my hair that colour too, ut the maintainence would drive me mad right now, I would need it perfect at all times.

    Looks marvelous


  14. Love the hair.
    It’s an awesome colour.
    Self portraits are impossible – well, if you’re me.

  15. Oh the trick is to take 20 shots & finally find one which is OK. I don’t wear much make up, none on my school run days, those school gate mummies can love me for me. The hair colour is pretty fantastic. I just got a new do, 2 weeks ago, so now the short hair & new fringe is perfect. Love Posie

  16. Platinum sure does suit you. And those baby browns… they suit you too. And make up? Meh. x

  17. That works!

    I don’t actually think you could take a bad photo, Beth. x

  18. Oh! It’s lovely lady! It looks super soft… I bet it feels all floaty and smooth. Nice work. I can see the attraction to platinum blonde, it’s just plain spunky :o) xo

  19. Your hairdresser has done a great job..nice layering and good colour. Looks wonderful on you.

  20. I Die.

  21. I love your colour so much I’m tempted to try it on myself- although I just don’t think it would look anywhere near as good. Sigh.

  22. Absolutely gorgeous. You rock. xx

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