I am still sick. It’s so boring – cough, splutter, snot, cough, wheeze, snot, lose voice. Rinse. Repeat. I felt like I was getting better mid last week and then? Down a snake again. And worse this time. My voice started to go on Thursday night and I sounded a little like Madge Bishop for a few days but by Saturday night it was completely gone. Needless to say I am over it. And needless to say the weekend was mostly quiet while Rob and I both coughed away trying to look after the kids in between.

I was most concerned about my voice being OK on Saturday as I had the chance to go into the 702 ABC Studios to sit in on the Simon Marnie show. I am a 702 tragic (probably waaaaay before my time) and there was an item in the Auction at the local Ball that I bid on and won. The woman who I was bidding against (Hi Kate!) came with me as we got smart towards the end of the auction (even after 45 champagnes) and decided that instead of bidding against each other if she let me win, I’d take her! Win! Win!

So, on Saturday morning I left home at 6.15am in minus 2 degree conditions and we hit the big smoke. We arrived during AM so had a chance to meet Simon and June his producer and watch them edit some of the pre recorded stuff that was going to be on later in the morning. From 8.30 until 9.00 we got to sit in the studio with him (how I wanted to just turn the microphone on in front of me and talk about how fabulous and interesting I really am). Strangely enough he didn’t ask…but…he did say he read my blog! And loved it! Nicely played Marnie, flattery will get you everywhere! I got our local town mentioned a gazillion times in the weather reports, and even our local Primary School fundraiser Christmas in July that we had on Saturday night. I am an Ambassador for the town am I not?

A personal highlight for me was meeting Ben Swain who is a legend in the Gardening World in Australia. He sits in on the show for an hour and answers peoples questions about roses, and shrub pruning and the like. At 84 years old he was handsome, and funny and smart. AND he gave me a kiss hello AND a camellia from his garden! AND he told me I pruned my roses too early. Oh well…

We also got to meet John Hall the newsreader whose lovely voice I have been listening to since I was a little girl. What a gentleman! As were the Homies (formally the Woodies) although they were much more like the teenage boys who used to give you slack on the train on the way to school. Those boys just turn into middle aged men versions of themselves.

It was so interesting to me to see how much they use twitter as part of the show. They have twitter, Facebook open as well as SMS lines etc as people write in  – but twitter is used for news as it breaks. For example the producer saw on her twitter feed that someone was stuck at Sydney International Airport due to a power outage. She wrote that on her screen so that Simon could say that there were early reports and then looked for further info on the situation. There was noting on the news feeds but more on twitter again and she managed to direct message the Editor of who was there, who got on the phone and spoke with him – all in the space of a few minutes. Hours later there was finally a story on See all my twittering is actually helping! Something! Maybe.

We had a great few hours with Simon and June and I was amazed at how hard they work – just the two of them – to get the show to air. On skeleton staff they scrape together a great show week in, week out. They were so friendly and kind to a couple of country gals and we both had the best time! I tried to convince Simon to come and do a show in our town next year – and fingers crossed this Ambassador will make it happen! And hopefully, one day, somehow, somewhere I will get into a radio studio AND turn on the microphone and talk about how fabulous I really am. Richard Fidler I am looking in your direction…


  1. I am officially a stalker now, I listen to Simon Marnie and was listening to everything you wrote about in this blog post on Saturday morning! I heard them mention the Christmas in July dinner and was listening when the news editor called in to say he was stuck in “the bubble” between immigration and the gates! I can’t believe you were there the whole time! Awesome. I used to listen to the other station, the one with the opinions, that my MIL has on 24/7 until finally it got too much, I was constantly shouting back at the radio and a friend told me to switch… I love, love, love 702. Anyway, will stop with the inane gushing now. Sorry you are still sick… get well!

  2. Oh Clint & I are 702 tragics too. Cop a lot of crap about being old, but can’t start my without Spence.

    About 100 years ago I was the night researcher on James Valentine’s show. I think that was the start of my love affair.

    Looks like you had a great time! Hope you’re feeling better soon, we are still sick here too. X

  3. Beth, oh such good news! I too am a serious 702 tragic and have taken so much flack over the years from friends and family! I have Adam Spencer on from 5:30am every morning and pod cast ‘Conversations with Richard Filder’ for car trips and my morning walks! Got tickets to TGIF with Richard Glover just before Easter and had to go on my own!! Any way enough from me. Gosh now I have this log in thing you wont be able to shut me up …
    Get better and enjoy the sunshine today.

  4. LOVE this recount of your adventure!!
    sounds like you had a blast.
    I do hope all the lurgies leave thy house very very soon – I’m trying to fumigate my house from them here today also!
    cheryl xox.

  5. That sounds like so much fun … and don’t believe the gardening guys about pruning your roses – they always want you to do it late, even in August, but you lose half the new growth. (Signpost for being officially a 702 tragic, when you have Firm Views about pruning roses)…

  6. I’m so glad you didn’t let the lurgy get the better of your weekend plans! Looks like you had a great time..I have no idea what 702 is though..a radio programme?

  7. You had me at Marge Bishop!
    And then ABC radio tragic (its 936 here and I nearly went into meltdown when my favourite presenter left last year!) I got to speak on radio this year and it was horrifyingly nervewracking – and then I had to hear my voice! Not about me (sadly) but about our school.
    Be well soon
    And fingers crossed for the Richard Fidler call-up

  8. I’m a James Valentine ‘The Form Guide’ caller-inner from way back. I love that guy. He’s fucking hilarious. I have this weird obsession with getting on the radio, like it’s 1983 or something. And I’m only 32. One day I will stop acting like an old lady.

  9. It’s 1233 here and I listen to Robbie most evenings and also listen during the day when Lil is not here. What a cool prize!

  10. Ah Beth, I’m a fellow 702 tragic. Listening to the radio during those first few years on Planet Baby kept me sane. Literally. I love it so much that two years after moving back to Hobart, I still listen to 702 every day on my T-hub! Lucky you – what a fabulous time you had. You might have met my old friend, Mel, who’s the Unit Manager and sometimes mans the phones. J x

  11. Jealous, jealous, jealous. I am an ABC local radio tragic too, but here it is 666. I go to sleep every week night listening to Tony Delroy and love it when I manage to be in the car after 7 to listen to Robbie. And I get very very very cranky when sport is on & there is no Tony or Robbie.

    Sounds like you had a blast!

  12. What an amazing experience, and you learned that Twitter has a part in this world too! So funny… and when we hear your sultry tones on the radio, we know you have made it! xx

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