Mornings at the Farm

The mornings here are my favourite. As the sun rises it hits the grass laying down paths of golden light across the lawn and garden. The colours are rich and dark.

If you look down to the river you can see the mist rising over the water disappearing into the cool morning air.

Every corner of the house is filled with pockets of light, warming up with walls of earth.

Mid morning sees the grass dry out, the river getting bluer, and a chance to get out amongst it all.

We sit on the verandah and read, or do a puzzle, or jump down to the grass to run around.

Then we usually stop. Have tea. And eat some more baked goods.

Yes, mornings are good here.


  1. Oh my what are those chocolate things and how do you make them 🙂 You should so be a food blogger!

  2. Hi Beth..I love mornings too! Beautiful pictures, they capture the essence of mornings perfectly. I am always amazed at the freshness and newness of each morning..especially in winter. Yesterdays post was great too. Have a wonderful Friday!

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  4. So tranquil. I want a country getaway. Just beautiful. Enjoy your weekend hun. xx

  5. wow this is gorgeous – where is this magical place?

  6. SWOON! Good lord. That looks amazing! Just when I start thinking about staying in the city after all you go convinve me otherwise! I can’t wait to live in the country!!!

  7. I’m still convinced you live the perfect country life. Such beautiful photos! It all looks so peaceful. xxx

  8. Oh that looks beautiful! Am totally jealous! Enjoy!

  9. When AREN’T you surrounded bu lovely things? I think you need to spend some time in WoogsWorld and see how the other half lives. xx

  10. Still swooning… x

  11. Oh that light… that RIVER… bliss! Such beautiful pics lady. Looks like you’re having a wondrous time xo

  12. Oh stop it. I’m sooo jealous. Now where is this lovely riverland? Near your place? Your mum’s? … do tell. xx

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