Morning Tea at Billy’s

The neighbours here are proper farmers. They have been a huge help to Rob’s Dad and step mum since they have built their house 6 years ago and are genuinely some of the nicest people I have ever met. Ever. They are just delightful. Each time we come to the farm we usually catch up for morning tea, nice and early at 9am, to have some tea, some cake, a natter and a laugh. It’s a proper ramshackley farm yard with old bits and pieces laying about, dogs on chains that live in logs, chickens, and this time – puppies AND kittens! Does it get much better than that?

I am not a cat person. One bit. But OH MY GAH look at the kitteny fluffiness of goodness!

I’m already excited about our next morning tea there next visit! And no, we didn’t take a puppy OR a kitten much to Billy’s dismay…


  1. sounds [and looks] absolutely lovely – what a beautiful way to spend a morning!

    i admire your willpower in NOT taking one of those puppies or kittens home with you – it would have been a definite pull at the heartstrings for me and would have taken a huge effort not to come home with one!


  2. Oh I would not have left that farm WITHOUT a box of kittens and a box of puppies. Heaven x

  3. What gorgeous pix! Look at divine Harper! xx

  4. The farm is calling me!

  5. Hi Beth..I’m not a cat person either..but it sometimes seems that kittens are a different species..I love kittens! Lovley farm..great collection of dog leads hanging

  6. want. kitten. now.

    too cute.

    have you seen bridesmaids? When one of them, when there are puppies as a thank you gift for coming to the shower, are given Labrador puppies, she leaves with 9.


    that would be me. Leaving with all of them. Mind you, I would have to do it without hubby being there to say “NO!”

  7. How exactly did you get your children to leave without a puppy or kitten smuggled up their sleeve?? We visited a farm/ vacant block we’d like to make into a farm today, your side of Canberra, loved it to pieces. It was hard to get the children back in the car, without the animals, they were just loving running free on 100 acres!! Love Posie

  8. Ah the kittens, the scones, tea, dirt and dogs.. i love it all! jealous! x

  9. I bet they absolutely love having you for tea. It looks like the girls had fun exploring.

  10. Can’t believe you left empty handed. You may not get away with it next time. Those kittens are irresistible. Lovely shots lady. Some seriously good memories there :o)

  11. love it! after 4 days in echuca and on farms I love it and so do the kids! gorgeous pics and what great people! love the pic hanging out by the fire! at least you lucky people get to drive back to your little bit of country!

    gorgeous pics and oh those kitties! sweet:)

  12. I want that little grey kitten, can you please send it over to Perth for me??? Great photos Beth. xxx

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