A little chirpier

Earlier in the week I was on the phone to my Mum, chatting normally, talking about the next time we would see each other. She has a busy few weeks away coming up so it meant we would probably catch up in a month’s time. One minute I was fine, talking about how Rob was going away for all of this week and the next I was crying. I got off the phone from her and burst into tears into Rob’s shoulder like one of our little girls. I was home sick for Sydney. I missed my girlfriends. I was lonely. I was nervous about the week ahead. I was premenstrual.

The next morning Mum called me to say she was coming to stay for 2 nights. And she did. And it was marvellous. We drank tea. Sat in front of the fire. Rolled a few bottles of Prosecco. Watched Masterchef. And she put the baby to bed for me. Mum’s are the best.

We had to head out this morning before she left and when we got back these two little pretties were sitting on my hall table with a note thanking us for having her. Mum, thank YOU for coming and keeping me company. And for everything that you do. All the time. I love you.


  1. That’s such a beautiful story, Your mum sounds lovely. hope you are feeling better. X

  2. How gorgeous. Xx

  3. Oh that is so lovely! My gorgeous mum is in Perth, and I am in Melbourne (with three children under six) Mum’s just seem to know how to make us feel better!

  4. how amazing is your mum! x

  5. Your mum is awesome! xxx

  6. Thats so lovely, mums are the best. I know where you are coming from as we recently moved away from our family and friends and I often fall into a heap crying like my three year old because I miss them all so much! Kristen

  7. Isn’t it funny how Mum’s do that?! Just make us feel instantly better.

    My Mum and sis came over this week. I looked like crap. Wearing dirty leggings, a shirt with a hole in it, and they came over and took charge. My sister folded all my washing and took Abi into the playroom to play while Mum got out the vac and cleaned the whole house. She also brought over a hot BBQ chicken, flavoured milk, cupcakes and salad. When they left, I had nothing to do but take a nap… for 2 hours! It was bliss!

    Yay to our families helping us out this week. xx

    PS: Nothing beats a good PMS cry.

  8. Mums are the best. Full stop.

    You are too, cause one day Daisy or Harper will feel a little lost and you’ll know exactly what to do to make her feel better. Cause you’re a mum. A great one too. xx

  9. seriously- mums are fricken awesome!

  10. That’s just beautiful. I wish my mum was like that πŸ™
    Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly. x

  11. will she adopt me?

  12. one of the main reasons we chose not to move with hubby’s job to melbourne last year was because we would lose that instant support that my mum (and dad) provide. they are the best.

    So i feel for you, not having your mum close but she is f’n awesome to come when you need her.

    yay mums!

  13. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a kick ass mum. I have one kick ass mum and I need to appreciate her more. xx

  14. You sure have one amazing mum…..I love how she takes care of you and your family…you are soooooo lucky…..What a great role model for you, you lucky thing. Enjoy

  15. Hi Beth, your mum is a treasure! Those little birdies are just the icing on the cake aren’t they..and look georgeous with the flowers.

  16. It’s undeniable… Mama’s rule the world… well, they should! Your Mum is a doll, she really is xo

  17. Your Mum rocks!

  18. Mums are the best. Mine is coming over every day at the moment to help me with my 6 week old twins. So thankful to have her help!!

  19. Mums are the best. Isn’t your mum a sweetie? My mum left on a jet plane last week to go to Argentina after being with me for 2 months and helping me with my two little ones in so many ways. I miss her so so so much. You are lucky your mum is quite close and seems to be very loving and sweet.

  20. And one day that will be you with one of your daughters, because that is the sort of Mum you have, and that is the sort of Mum you already are.

    Beautifully honest post. xxx

  21. awww bless, I love your mum!

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