I had a great weekend and all I got was this lousy photo

But it’s true. I meant to take a photo on Friday night when I made the best home made pizza base I have EVER made. And then again I meant to on Saturday when I went to the movies by myself to see Bridesmaids (I was underwhelmed don’t judge me). I most definitely meant to on Saturday night when Rob cooked the most delicious roasted lamb shanks in bags with lemon potatoes and then was at it again on Sunday when he made his home made chili sauce that was bottled up. Or then again when we went to a vintage sale (which was rubbish) but the drive to a local waterfall and then down to Jamberoo and back home again which was beautiful. And so, so pretty. A picnic lunch in the backyard followed by an afternoon at the pub would have called for it.  But I didn’t. I was too busy living it all. And it was pretty damn good.

Instead, all you have is one pathetic shot of a BLT I rustled up for lunch on Saturday when I had a hankering for a Sydney cafe lunch. Because that was too far away I made it myself. With local bacon & aioli too. And if I’m not mistaken it was better than any Sydney BLT going around. If I don’t mind saying so. Which I don’t. So I did. Or something.

This morning the girls and I are headed up to Sydney for the day. I plan on visiting my best friend who had a baby a few weeks ago now and I plan on soaking up that newborn smell and working out whether my ovaries have another kid in them. Or not. I’m thinking not. We have drinks tonight to celebrate Rob’s Mum moving into her fabulous new home and then tomorrow I have a 5 hour+ road trip with the girls and myself (Dear GOD help me) to head up to the farm for a week. Bring. That. On. Well the farm bit, not the driving with them solo bit while they lose their shit in the backseat and drop everything every 5 seconds and ask me to retrieve it whilst driving 110km/h on the freeway and explaining to Harper again that in order to fully experience the car DVD you have to KEEP YOUR HEADPHONES ON.

See you on the other side of Tuesday. If I have my wits about me you may just get a post on Tuesday night. Might. I could be too drunk and exhausted though. A solo road trip with 2 kids will do that you a Mum don’t you know?


  1. Maybe you needed to watch Bridemaids with me? I had my Tenas on 😉

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  3. Aaah.
    Lovely foodie shot.
    The photos you didn’t get were pretty great too.
    Enjoy Sydeney & the farm – and survive the bits either side.

  4. I need the photos. Esp the lamb shanks! DROOOOOOOL. 5 hours solo with the kids in the car calls for your own headphones. The thought of it is giving me a tummy pain.
    Look forward to a drunken post on Tuesday evening xxx

  5. I too was underwhelmed by bridesmaids!!! And I saw it with girlfriends and honestly couldn’t figure out why everyOne was laughing.

    I want to move in with you honestly. The stuff you guys eat OH MY GOD. yum.

  6. Oooh we used to go up to Jamberoo for the day when I was a kid. Grass skiing and tobaganning. How 80’s is that. Is that white pub still there?

    I just did a nearly 4 hour road trip with 3 kids solo last week. I think 5 would have me sneakily sipping from a hip flask…joking. I do not drink drive.

  7. oh that is funny! my kids do that and have a full on tantrum for me to pick up the book off the floor when I am driving! oh you have a way with words

    enjoy the break:)


  8. I so know how you feel when it comes to long journeys. As my parents live 7 hours from Sydney it is something that we do very couple of months. Every trip ends up with me having a massive headache. I don’t remember getting that stressed when i was on a deadline at work!

  9. that looks like a bloody good blt ….

  10. Oh lady, I can relate. I just had Felix’s birthday party today and I hardly got ANY pics at all! What was I thinking?? Just enjoying the moment I guess :o)
    Oh yes you do have it in your ovaries my friend… I can see you with four… no shit!
    Hope you had a wonderful time up on the farm… I’m a few days behind on my reading, due to life, and all that! xo

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