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I have taken to seriously loving Wednesday to Fridays. It’s just Harper and I as Daisy trots off to school and we have been having the nicest times. Hanging at home, playing, cooking – just enjoying each other’s company from 8.30 until 2.30. I keep reminding myself at times like we are going through now (sick and sleeplessness wise) that this all goes past so quickly. Daisy heads off to Primary School (!) in 6 months time and then I have another full year of Harper here before she goes to Preschool herself. After a morning like I have had with her – doing the shopping, getting stuck into the garden and then playing in the winter sunshine – dead set I am SO lucky that I get to do this. Be at home. Be a Mum to small people. Not a day goes by when I’m not thankful for that. Sleep or no sleep.

Tomorrow I have a special post and giveaway for you all that I am seriously stoked about so be sure to stop on in, have a celebratory tea, coffee or champagne with me – you won’t be disappointed!


  1. So sorry to be all over your blog.

    I’d hate to appear like a nuisance commenter, but this is just SUCH a feelgood post.

    I’ve just had one of those equally beautiful days with my son.

    You can’t help but think, how freakin’ lucky am I?!

    Enjoy πŸ™‚

  2. lady, i fricken (fuckin, if you will) needed that today. My kids are KILLINGGGGGG me- we are all sick and dave (the big fat greedy bastard) gets to go on a snow trip for 4 days tomorrow. he has been working 13 hour days and im o.v.e.r it. but wait – i have 4 days of solo parenting ahead of me. Thanks for the perspective- i’ll grit my teeth and take it on.


  3. beautiful. I love being home with my little ones {most days} and that just reminded me why. thank you. x

  4. Aww what a beautiful post! Sounds like you and gorgeous Harper have a great time hanging out together xxx

  5. There have been days I really want to keep my daughter home from school as I MISS our days together. Just hanging out. Going to the park. Going out for coffee. Blowing bubbles. Everything is so rushed now.
    Enjoy it xx

  6. Ah, Beth. I love to follow your ups and downs with the girls – you always keep it real. Good for you! J x

  7. I agree, how good is it? x

  8. Well, you do get all kinds of days being a SAHM, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. It is a priviledged existence these days to be able to choose the pattern of {most} days and work at things at your own pace. When I did a couple of years paid work I had to actually get used to having a boss and being told when, where and how to do things every day!

  9. I wish I could be better at treasuring the now. I am hopeless and missing out on so much as a result. x

  10. Lady, I totally get the space you’re in. I LOVE some days with the boys… and the days I used to have with just Felix, I would treasure every moment of… just wish I had those back again, one day!
    All the shit aside, being a Mama is by far the best thing I’ve ever done and I love this post for celebrating that very notion xo

  11. Thanks for the reminder to ’embrace’ it all. Something I need to work on x

  12. mate you got me at celebratory champagne – does that count even though i may read said post at 7am??

  13. OH yes, hold onto it, my baby is in 2nd grade now & i keep saying to my husband, i refuse to ever work. Ok, so i’ve had all 4 of them at preschool & school for, um, 5 whole years now, but i get to swan around the shops, gym, my sewing studio, garden, walk the dog, it’s sheer luxury & i appreciate every minute of it.
    I notice at high school, i’m one of the very few housewives in the car park, it’s sad, i’m not in a hurry or wishing/ should be anywhere else but with my children. You’re at the fun part of parenting, embrace it, i’m closing in on the business end, the serious homework, the complicated assignments, the interstate sports, OMG, plus i’m so outnumbered with a husband away & 4 of them. Today was beautiful wasn’t it?? I was high five’ing the sun too, considering i left the children at school at -3C & yes, they were in Tshirts, weirdoes!! Love Posie

  14. Staying home with my youngest makes me want to put paint thinner in my eyes. But I get glimpses of what you describe in this post.

    I’m at my sister Leighs house tonight … you have been spoken about. xox

  15. I think I have forgotten what it’s like to be at home with just one (my boys are 15 months apart and so far we spend all our time together)! The description of your day is lovely. And so is the photo. I LOVE those flowers. πŸ™‚

  16. Beautiful post. x

  17. Love your beautiful flowers and gratefulness. I have a big boy starting school next year and now cherising the moments. It’s good to remember how lucky we are. Now, if only I could just reduce my work hours to nil rather than three days a week, it could be sooo much better!


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