Drawing the lines

This morning I finally got around to setting up a Facebook page for the Blog. I haven’t wanted to do this for the longest time and for various reasons. I didn’t need another medium of which to ignore my children, I find the noise of blog pages too well, noisy, on my own Facebook page feed because inevitably I have read or seen their new post through twitter, or google reader and it kind of annoyed me. But I knew it probably was the right thing to do – create a space to do with the blog which is just to do with the blog and separate my own personal page for people that actually know me. You know? Right!

So. I have culled my personal page and if you can’t see me there anymore then head on over to the page if you need an extra hit of me in your Facebook world. I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t!  I’m sure I will probably end up using the BabyMac blog page more than my personal page anyway but there it is. Split. Divided and conquered. Or something.

Here! Look at the pretty! I find all of this quite embarrassing or weird or uncomfortable or something, so here! Look at the pretty!

As you were.


  1. I understand what you mean. I’ve made my FB page a ‘blog-free zone’. I don’t mention my blog, promote it, flog it, etc on FB, it’s purely personal. I haven’t done the blog FB page yet, why I don’t know.

    Why they are pretty too. x

  2. I like all of my favourite blog FB pages for my personal page to give them the numbers, but I keep them all hidden so I only get updates from friends. Having my own FB page for the blog, I get to update everyone and stay updated at my own pace.
    Have liked yours from both 😉

  3. I understand too, its kinda hard to divide and conquer. My friends on my FB page dont even know I have a blog. I keep it seperate. But I do have a business fan page and its hard to update both all the time, with the crossover of people, but I manage most days. Good on you for simplifying, which is what I think it is.

  4. Yay! More BabyMac! 🙂

  5. No FB for me..but I respect your decision. Love your little pansies!

  6. I spent yesterday afternoon creating a page which I will spend then next month ignoring, I think. Meh. x

  7. Ah, Beth, you’ve crossed the Rubicon. I’ve been pondering this one myself. Or deleting my FB account totally. Still pondering…J x

  8. I love that I can go and drop a line about something random that’s happening, without having to write a whole post.

  9. I’ve been thinking the same – have created the page a month or so ago but not publicised it. I have friends who add me in FB but don’t want them to read my blog and virtual friends who read my blog but don’t know me… it’s tricky and I haven’t worked it out yet – but like your point of view.
    Will consider publishing my blog Fb page and see how it goes.

  10. I made one too. And now I don’t know what to do with it.

    Pretty! x

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