A visit from Mr J. Frost

I’m still in the honeymoon phase down here when it comes to the weather. It’s just that it’s proper weather you know? In winter it’s cold, in spring the trees and flowers are in proper bloom, autumn looked like, well, autumn. Summer was green, leafy and a summery delight. Each and every morning I can’t wait to see what the day has in store for me when I open all the blinds and curtains that have been closed overnight to keep the warmth in. My favourite at the moment is to see if Jack Frost has been in the night. And when he does, boy is it something else.

A veritable winter wonderland. Grass crunchy. Frozen drops of ice on the tips of the bare trees. Tops of hedges with a dusting of ice.

And then when the sun finally gets high enough in the sky? It just takes your breath away. Morning has broken!

Slowly, slowly the ice melts and the colours of the day are revealed.

And I am happy to watch it all from the warmth of my kitchen, coffee in hand.


  1. That looks F freezing!! Beautiful though. It’s wonderful to hear how appreciative you are of your surroundings.

  2. Oh wow just gorgeous. What beautiful photos 🙂

  3. You do NOT get that in the Inner West (but you knew that). I would love that! Novelty coldness and all that greenery. Jesmo Beth!

  4. Brrrr!

    I love your positive spin on the cold Beth – can’t say I’ve ever been enthusiastic about frosty mornings but looking at the sunshine photos I can get an inkling of why it might be a lovely way to start a day.

    Hoping that Mr J. Frost esq. brings you more delight over the coming weeks.

    xx Felicity

  5. That looks so beautiful and amazing!!! I love the pictures of your home – I can tell you do too!

  6. Wow. Beautiful. X

  7. Awesome pictures, looks so cold were you live xo

  8. I adore reading glimpses of your life. I feel like I am standing next to you. With a coffee in my hand.x

  9. HEAVEN!!! *s*

  10. Just beautiful!!

  11. Cannot believe how beautiful these photos are! Magic. xx

  12. Beautifully frosty pictures! Doesn’t the frost make every morning look pristine and new? Love it..and the best is to be warm inside and have a mug full of coffee! P.S..loved your Tim Coulsen pics too.

  13. So pretty, crazy pretty! The sunlight .. the frost. Beautiful. You have a beautiful, beautiful home. x

  14. Wow! I haven’t ever seen anything quiet like it! lovely!

  15. I like that idea of the seasons being THE seasons. None of that wishy washy stuff we get on the coast. In saying that, holy donkey’s lady, that looks BLOODY cold. You’re a braver lass than I. Gorgeous photos as always though xo

  16. So. So. So. Cold.

    I am thinking chilblains on my toes. But I did grow up in the coldest place in Victoria I am sure.

  17. Gorgeous photos Beth, I would so love to wake up to that morning, it is my kind of weather. xxx

  18. So beautiful. Gosh, I could really handle living at your place. What beautiful views. xx

  19. Hi, nearly up to date..I see 2 cute little munchkins all rugged up making footprints on that there frosty grass who else pictured thatshot?cheers!

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