Tim Coulson shoot: Part two

For all my friends on Facebook and Twitter who have already seen the amazing results of our shoot with Tim, sorry for covering this off again. I just wanted to make sure that the rest of you that just check in on here saw the rest of the shots that he took and some of my personal favourites. There are hundreds. Literally.

You can see the rest over on his blog here and if you fancy a little musical montage (and really who doesn’t?)  then have a look here. Tim can be contacted here if you are interested in doing something like this for your family. He is also on Facebook, and it appears that I am now his official pimp.

Now. Just to choose which ones to get blown up and framed…


  1. Gorgeous photographs, such a special capture of this time in your lives. I adore the one of Daisy running in the sun with you and Harper in the background, that is simply beautiful!

  2. My vote is definitely to include the last one – such a lovely capture of each of you and the way that he’s framed you in the shadow of the house = brilliant!

    xx F

  3. Oh, I LOVE these shots! They are all fantastic, but the one of the girls playing together on that gorgeous rug (IKEA?) is particularly fab.


  4. love them all.
    what wonderful photos.
    cheryl xox.

  5. That photo of you is amazing! Xx

  6. I hate choosing which ones to photograph. It’s always the hardest part.

    I’m so coming for a sleep over at your house some time soon x

  7. I love them all! I have no idea how I would choose.

  8. The shadow on the hedge of the house, that is fabulous. Certainly one to get framed.

  9. Wow, talk about capturing the essence of a family. These are SO MUCH BETTER than those awful posed ‘everyone wearing white’ professional photos, that puts me off ever having professional family photos. I do love the last one, in the shadow of your home, it’s gorgeous. Can’t wait to have a home we’re proud to own & do shots of we 6. Love Posie

  10. Seriously gorgeous shots, Beth. How will you ever chooooooose??? I like the Shadow House with Hedge and Family myself.

    We loved having Tim at our place – I’ll share soonest. x

  11. no 4 is amazing. Has to be one of the picks

  12. Those photos are really special. You know the type that everytime you look at them you have ‘that’ feeling. Really, really lovely.

  13. Frame them all. That last image is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!

  14. I adore you.

    That is all.

  15. and you are the best damn pimp there ever was.

  16. Gorgeous! made me cry.

  17. I’m so glad you put the second last photo up of Daisy laughing. As hard as it is to pick a favourite, that is mine (i.e: frame, frame, frame!) x

  18. Amazing photos

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