Tim Coulson shoot: Part one

One of the best things about blogging and the internet {I think} is the connections made with people that you would not ordinarily meet. Some people I am now lucky enough to call my friends came from the internet. They discovered me {somehow} and truly understand me. They completely crack me up like no one else can do. It’s the weirdest thing. People that don’t spend much time other than say reading the news or Facebook don’t seem to understand it. They couldn’t possibly get why I would have complete strangers visit my house, or go and meet them and have them spend time with my kids. I’m kind of glad they don’t get it.

Last week when I was on my little blog break I got so many emails from so many awesome people.  From YOU, people that read this funny little space. One email in particular caught my attention it was from Tim, a photographer who wanted to come and take some shots of our family. His email was funny. And clever. And I instantly liked the cut of his jib. It was one of those moments – I get him. He gets me. Let’s work together.

And so we did. Much to my mother’s dismay that I was letting another stranger into the house “make sure Rob will be there!” On Tuesday morning Tim and his gorgeous wife came into our house for a few hours and hung out with us. They watched us eat breakfast, and play with the kids, and run around in the crazy wind. He took some snaps and we chatted and chatted then laughed and chatted some more. It was awesome. Here are just a few of the shots that he took, I can’t wait to see the rest in a little while and share them with you on here. What a fabulous job he has done. Natural. Creative. Relaxed. They have captured a time in our young families life that is so precious and given us a physical reminder of that. I will be forever grateful that he sent that email to me.

Tim writes a blog too which showcases so many of his great shots. He has started to take some shots of families in their homes, doing the stuff that families do, and capturing it in the most uniquely wonderful way. As it is. Honestly, he is such a nice guy and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

This, this is why I love the internet. Thank you Tim!


  1. Surely you know by now everyone on the interweb is a sexual predator or out to fleece you financially. This is just his cover.

  2. I like it when I like the cut of someone’s jib.

    Fab photos, too!

    I was driving through Annandale this morning and thought about our first date… my first meet-up with a stranger from the interweb. Thankfully, you didn’t murder me.

  3. i hope one day i can take photos in your mum’s house too.

  4. He’s a genius! Absolutely love, love, LOVE the shots he took! Can’t wait to see more xx


  6. This guy gets about!
    I was first introduced to Tim via the Beetleshackers [not sure if that’s how they want to be referenced but anyhoo] and love, love, loved how he captured not only gorgeous images but the vibe of their home.

    I’ve had a sneak peek of your extras on his site and it looks like BINGO! he’s done it again.

    The photo of the two of you in B&W is fantastic and I can’t wait to see the rest,

    xx Felicity

  7. Great photos. How lovely of him to contact you. Your house is gorgeous x

  8. Beautiful photos (how drop dead gorgeous is your house?!). Look forward to seeing the others. Wish Tim was in Melbourne! What a talent. xx

  9. Whoa! they are amazing!!!!! The shot of you on your front porch is stunning…. the house looks amazing!

  10. Bwahahaha Corinne, that’s so funny!

    Beth, these photos are devine. I love the black and white one of you and Rob. I am seriously considering getting some pics taken, now that I have a nice house to live in. Well, almost nice…

  11. Gorgeous! You have such a beautiful home and a beautiful family, finally you’ll have the images to be able to show these off!

  12. How open you are to let someone you don’t know come into your home.
    Look at the opportunity you would have missed if you were like me.

    Beautiful and natural photos!

  13. Hi, I am a total stranger visiting your “home” for the first time. I come bearing gifts – a smile, a comment and a warm friendly hug!! What gorgeous photos. How blessed are you! 🙂

  14. That first photo of you on the verandah should be your blog header. Gorgeous shot and I think it kind of pictorially describes your blog, well for me anyway.

  15. These are darn tootin’ amazingville! *s*

  16. oh so gorgeous! Tim is coming to photograph our little family in the days before we become ‘4’…sometime in the next few weeks.

    You are your family and your home are simply stunning!

  17. Oh Beth! These are spectacular!

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