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: Very early this morning I was *this* close to taking Harper to the hospital. She has had a bad cough but she was very wheezy and swallow breathing and just awful. But the thing was, it was too cold. I know, terrible right? But I just knew that if I could get us from 4.20am until 6am then we would be fine. Bundling up a very sad and sick baby girl into -3 degree temps just didn’t sound appealing – to either of us. And, as pathetic as it sounds, I haven’t popped our ER cherry down here and I didn’t want to do it at 4.20am. So we kept the steam up, gave her some Ventolin and slept on my chest sitting upright. Needless to say we are hitting the doctor at 9am this morning. Winter is so boring with colds that just pass from one kid to the next isn’t it?

: I have always thought that Spot has a bad attitude. Last night Daisy was reading to Harper and I (not really reading the actual words, but making up the words) and I had Exhibit A right there. He has had a great day at school, playing and making friends and painting and when his Mum asks him, she gets a monosyllabic teenage answer. Typical for a tired Preschooler I guess, but I don’t like the attitude. There. I said it.

: My little sister was at some cool bar in Sydney last night (as you do on a Wednesday night) and she sent me a text because she knew I would be interested and pretend that I am actually cool too. When in fact I am sitting on the couch watching (and enjoying a little too much) Bethenny Ever After. So she sends me a text telling me it was cool, that you had to send a text to get in and…AND…when food is served to you what is it served on? STABLE TABLES. We have a little inside joke on these because she has them and thinks they are cool, and I think she has hit retirement waaaaay too early. Cool? The peeps of Surry Hills certainly think so.  Suckers.

: It’s been cold. But you knew that right? Tops of only actual 2 or 3 degrees and apparent wind chill temps of -5 and the like. Despite it’s frostiness I have to say I love it. It makes you feel alive. It’s exciting to open your curtains and blinds in the morning to see what the day will bring – frost, clouds, sunshine. And luckily we had another few tonnes of wood delivered yesterday to see us through the next little while.

: Yesterday I had my first appointment with an Acupuncturist. I decided that I would give a little Eastern medicine a go and see if I could get my energy flowing a little better and stop being a cranky bitch all the time. I sat and answered all her questions and surprised myself that I sounded quite well and didn’t really need to be there at all (that’s always the way isn’t it?), and then proceeded to have needles placed around my stomach and strangely enough down my right leg and foot. I then promptly fell into a deep, sound sleep for 35 minutes. I never fall asleep at these things (massages and the like) but there I was, snoring loudly and waking myself up with a snort. I’m not sure how it’s all going to go and what a difference it will make (we can be the judge of that in a few weeks time) but it was interesting to me that laying naked on a bed and having needles placed into me is luxury and an exciting time these days. It was quiet. There were no kids. It was brilliant.


  1. Oh you poor love, I hope Harper is better soon. I know that feeling about the ER. My fear is that I get them there and they suddenly make a miraculous recovery and you’ve made all the effort in the middle of the night for naught.
    WE have a sick little girl here this morning too, I have another tired and cranky one too, I think it will be a PJ day.

    Spot does have a bad attitude. I used to get irrationally angry at Wags the Dogs for barking and keeping the Wiggles up all night. Selfish bastard.

  2. Hope Harper is better soon

  3. I hope your little woman is better soon! Nothing sucks more than a sick child.

    I am way too in love with Bethenny Ever After. I watch it religiously, and my partner knows he is not permitted to speak during that time.


  4. Spot is also really naughty! He throws a ball in another book and it smashes Grandma’s window… Tsk Tsk!!

    Poor things, its hard when kids get sick, and stay sick. I hope Harper feels better soon. Poor little dove. I’ve never done an ER run but I’ve called an ambulance and when it turned up, Abi was hysterical from all the flashing lights and sirens. She tripped and smacked her head on the corner of a cupboard and the lump on her head was pulsating! It was very alien like… The ambos were great, Abi was ok, I was a fricking mess though.

    Stable tables rule! I look forward to being 80 and eating off my lap every day. Covered in crumbs and food, haha.

    Let me know how the acupuncture sessions go. I’m def. in need of some positive energy flowing through my channels right now too. I feel like a slug, stuck in a rut.

  5. It’s freezing here fingers are near to dropping off! I can’t wait to see your cushions when your little one gets better and you have some time!!

  6. Ohhh I am so intrigued to try acupuncture. Having tried everything else and still having chronic back and neck and leg and everything pain.. please do report back on how it went!!!
    Also Sticky bar is associated with Hopestreet, the Non profit my husbando works for. He used to work in the basement. Its a pretty great place 🙂

  7. Oh, I hope all is well now!

    The upside to having sick kids home pretty much all week is that I’ve had a good excuse to avoid all that cold. Our school is up the road, so on the days one or both boys have been there, they just walk up and down themselves. I keep the home fires burning. 😉

  8. If the needles help with the cranky, please do share. I need me some anti-cranky action!! x

  9. Yes, if the needles work, please tell us!!!! I have been toying with that idea for some time now…
    How is Harper today? I hope she’s on the mend, poor poppet.
    And I’m so glad I have an ally against Spot. I am currently forming a blog in my head about another beloved fairy tale character that is doing my head in. Stay tuned xxxx

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