Road Trip: The Nation’s Capital

Last weekend saw our little family head off on a road trip down to Canberra for two nights. We promised Daisy we would stay in a hotel (she calls them hell-tells and I think she is onto something there) after we had been in Bali. We decided we could go and visit touristy places, spend time with the kids, as a family and have some wholesome fun. AND with me being offline they had all my attention. Parfait!

Growing up my family was partial to a cheesy road trip and sleepover in a motel. The dodgier the motel, the better in my opinion. A hole in the wall in which breakfast could be delivered? Bring it! Leave out breakfast menus filled in with promises of cold toast and cereal and continental delights? Oooh yeah. While Rob’s family were travelling the world (seriously they went to places like Nepal and shit for family holidays. For reals.) I was at North Entrance Caravan Park having the time of my life. I think Daisy has picked up my love for the cheesy family holiday, and this weekend did not disappoint.

First stop? Here. Remember this place? I remembered this space. Fondly. Rob even remembered this place. We were pumped to show the girls the miniature delights of Cockington Green and luckily for us, not much had changed since 1987, which incidentally was the last time we were both here.

I thought this looked a little like home.

Harper enjoyed being around things that were smaller than her. For a change.

As we were driving down Rob said to me “the one thing I remember about this place was the football field and a streaker being chased by two bobbies’. What’s that? OH! The football field and a streaker being chased by two bobbies. THAT’S WHAT. Harper was pointing out his privates to Daisy.

This is Rob, thinking “Is Beth really making me ride on this small steam train?” You bet your arse I am. THIS is what our life has become now. AND I am taking a picture of it. AND putting it on the blog. So there.

She does everything I tell her to.

Second stop? Big Ben. Parliament. No, just Parliament House. Cause we are nerds at heart, and it really is an impressive building. And we will make our children understand and appreciate the democratic process.

Harper seemed to run. Just run. Everywhere. And scream whilst doing so. We were very popular.

Daisy liked the Senate. It was pink.

Sunday morning stop? The National Zoo & Aquarium. What a great place! Seriously. For small kids it’s such a great place. Small. Close quarters to the animals. Good variety of animals with all the big ticket items there for the girls. Giraffes? Check. Lions? Loads of them, and white ones too! Sharks? Yes! Rob had the most fun I think. And Harper? Well, she ran.

And last on the Tourist Trail we went to Questacon on Sunday afternoon. Whilst our girls were too young to enjoy and appreciate most of the stuff there, they do have a kick arse section for kids 0-6 called Mini Q and they loved loved loved that. A vet surgery had Daisy in a spin, as with a bakery shop set up. I had fun in there too. Water play and adventures everywhere saw the afternoon away for us all.

And Harper? She ran and climbed. Heaven help us.

This is her, eyeing off a robot to destroy in the foyer.

And this? This, is where memories are being made of bad cheesy holidays with your family.


  1. Making memories, happy memories is where it’s at! I don’t even think I read the word cold, such was your enthusiasm and clear enjoyment of the trip. Canberra seems to have alot going for it for little ones.

  2. Snap! We did Cambra on the long weekend and had the time of our lives. Oh, ok, it wasn’t as good as Bepal, but it was pretty good. Cock Green was so retro I nearly dug out my fluro socks – did you clock the tea rooms? That’s what retro looks like without the irony. x

  3. Loving the old school BabyMac post today:-)

  4. Bad cheesy family holidays are what memories are made of….we ave a Hell-Tell calling 6 year old in our house too!

  5. We are off on a roadtrip to Canberra in August, we have been promising Amy a trip to see snow for years now, the snow is near Canberra right?!?! Cockington Green, wow, now that is going on our list of must see places for our trip!

  6. It’s so cool to think that the girls will “nemember” this for a long time to come.
    Will possibly tell their little ens.
    Beautiful memory magic, Beth.

  7. Yay, lucky me gets to live here, yahoo!! Sure it’s stiff & serious with the self important thinking people who make up the public service but . . . we have the best damn Handmade Market in the country & you missed Shop Handmade in the city, shame Beth!!
    We have so many free places like the museums & yes, the Questacon family pass (or family + 1 extra child pass we have to get) works at the Power House Museum in Sydney too. I love our zoo too.
    So glad someone else visiting (we’re not born & bred here) Canberra has children who RUN everywhere, that’s us. Next time, park at Commonwealth Park & head towards the Castle Park, it’s brilliant fun, your children will never want to leave there either. It’s right near our children’s school so sometimes i surprise them with a visit. All free fun, love Posie

  8. This makes me so so happy.

  9. Anonymous says

    Glad you enjoyed Canberra (I think).

    Sarah from Canberra.

  10. Parfait indeed.
    Sonia is right you missed the bit about it being bitterly cold – you MacDonald’s must be made of tough stuff.

    Jennie [Posie Patchwork] did a guest post for me a couple of weeks ago taking us for a tour of Canberra. I’m ashamed to say that it was only then that I leant that our nation’s capital has a zoo and aquarium – too many political puns to parry with in such a short space I’ll leave it alone.

    Seeing the girls happily ensconced on the bed reading their little eyes out is actually my favourite part of this trip – a wonderful way to finish your memory-making weekend.

    x Felicity

  11. Ahhh that photo of your husband made me laugh!

  12. sounds perfect – laughing at the train pic and the streaker too

  13. and the Questacon place sounds awesome my 6 year old would LOVE the vets

  14. I so loved the motel hole in the walls too! And when my teens were toddlers they called hotels, Door Homes … because of all the doors down the corridor!

  15. That last photo of Miss Harper has my ovaries hurting big time!! She is freaking adorable…and then the last shot of the two of them doing a spot of light reading has my ovaries positively working overtime!

  16. Oh lady, what a fabo weekend trip. Loving your photos. Loving that your back to sharing your gorgeous snaps. They make me smile.
    And could those little ladies get any cheekier, awesome facial expressions ;o) xo

  17. OH MY LORDY HEAVENS!!! I am in the process of planning a road trip to … Canberra. I’m scared that Rocco will break Questacon, so I’m glad to know that they have a little kids section.

    And, Max used to call hotels “helltells” … my sisters and I STILL call them that!



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