Reigning in the crazy: An update

It’s been a few weeks now since I decided that enough was enough and tried to find some solutions to the inevitable 5 days of crazy that seems to follow me after each and every period. For some reason the PMT doesn’t seem to be the issue, but the POST 5 days? I am like some demented woman. Crazy. And angry. It’s the anger that I don’t like. I’m almost positive I’m not the only one. Huh.

So. Thanks to Kim my morning ritual now looks like this:

I take 2 Evening primrose oil, 2 Fish oil and one Mega B complex. These were the only fish oils that I could find that have a high EPA & DHA count. She reckons you need at least 400 EPA & 200 DHA (these are only 300EPA but do just fine). I didn’t even know that you needed to consider that and when I looked at the cheaper bulk packs in the chemist the levels were really low. Who knew?

I have also now had 3 sessions of acupuncture at this lovely woman in Bowral. Each and every time I go there I seem to completely flake out. It’s the warm towels, and pan pipes and all that silence. Who cares that I have needles sticking out all over me! There’s quiet! And the best bit? After the needles come out she gives me a little 5 minute massage which is just so damn good. I think I need to just go and see her for a full 1 hour massage to extend that great 5 minute feeling a little bit more.

So what has been the difference?

It’s hard to tell really. My wee is most certainly as yellow as could be, and I have been really *ahem* regular. Too much info? NEVAH! I must say that over the past 3 weeks I have been much more calmer. More centred. More relaxed. It’s hard to explain but that coil of anger and angst that seems to tighten up inside of me when the baby wakes in the night, or Daisy flips out over something, just doesn’t seem to be there. It’s like I have either resigned myself to the fact that things are just like they are. To be. To accept it. Who knows if that’s from the needles or pills (oooh that sounds a little sordid doesn’t it?) or whether I have just accepted that this is the way it is. Perhaps I would never have come to that realisation without the new regime?! Who knows. I can’t deny that I have been more relaxed. I have more clarity about things in my life (hello blog break and subsequent goodness that has come from that, I’m looking at you). Perhaps that’s all coincidence? Perhaps not. In any case, I like it. I like how I feel at the minute and I am going to keep it all up a little longer. I still do need to see my GP though as this pill just doesn’t seem to be cutting it for me. I have been getting two periods for the price of one each month. Bonus! Not. And I still have no desire to have sex. Ever. But that’s another post all together right?

And for all my new readers that have jumped on board. Sorry for all this info, but hey, that’s life right?! Not all pretty cushions and glamorous photo shoots. There’s bad moods and fights with your husband and no sex. That’s life.


  1. newbie here – *waves hi* – found you from gemma’s blog (big nutshell).
    hmmm – i think i’m with you – those days after have been a shocker for me also. thanks for the solution ideas – shall look into them.
    look forward to following along!
    (oh – and i love the honesty – thankyou!)
    cheryl xox.

  2. bloody no sex.

  3. eehum. as in damnit no sex.

  4. Good on you for taking some time out to take care of yourself! I love visiting the dayspa and I also find it has that calming effect on me, something about getting away, getting spoilt, and being in such a complete place of silence that just makes me go ‘ahhh’ 🙂

  5. Yay for vitamins! I swear the only reason I take them is because I’m thoroughly amused when my wee is bright yellow. xx

  6. You’ve gotta do what ever works, and sometimes it takes a little effort to find something that does work. The body is a complex thing.

  7. I was watching Catalyst last night on the ABC and it was so interesting..about hormonal probs and PMT etc. The speciallist said Prozac works…but only use one twentieth of a tablet and only on the days you need those 5 days..and there is no side effect and it provides the chemical needed to keep the lid on raw emotions. If you can access the programme on the web..ABC tv..then it would be worth watching. All the best!

  8. P.S..are you having a shot at my cushiony posts?!!

  9. Anonymous says

    How very appropriate. A vitamin named specifically after you.

    “Mega B Complex”.

    It just about says it all doesn’t it?

    Mr Anonymous

  10. BIG longtitudinal study has proven the benefits of high doses of fish oil for mood stabilisation. it’s something I get quite ranty about – like those weirdo macrobiotic freaks who yell at you for eating refined sugar. No really. My mum went out with one. He was forever yelling we might as well shoot heroin straight into our veins. And when he wasn’t doing that he was picking bits of twigs and crap out of his disgusting rotting teeth. *shudder*

    Dude, you and me both. I’m surprised you don’t because, well, you’re hot. I just figured I didn’t because I’m fat and lazy.

    the bright wee is fun isn’t it!

    And I think it is a confluence of events – acknowledging how you feel, taking a break, mixing things up a bit and taking the drugs.

    And I LOVE acupuncture. It is – the pan flutes, the SILENCE, that weird smell, I have FULL ON hallucinations of riding bare back on a white stallion in the snow while wearing a deep crimson cape when I have acupuncture. I know you know I’m not kidding.

  11. I’m scared to try acupuncture, simply because it involves needles. I don’t really have a problem getting vaccinations, but the idea of getting voluntarily poked and prodded kinda freaks me out. Maybe I should try it though.

    I take a cocktail of drugs throughout the day including calcium, iron, vitamin c, fish oil. I think I need to add evening primrose to my routine too.

    I have a gift voucher for the day spa near our holiday house. MUST twist hubby’s arm to go up there this winter and get pampered. I’m thinking vichy shower, massage, mani, pedi and facial. Take me there NOW!!


  12. Ooh I’d love to try acupuncture, but I have this fear I’d move and all these needles would go into me. Which is weird because I’m not even scared of needles…

    As for the no sex… don’t even start me on that one.

    Glad you’re feeling better though, vitamins are amazing. xx

  13. Beth….you may have just saved my life. Thank you for the TMI. You have just described me…and I would never have had the balls to do that. And I’m sure if my husband knew I was admitting to all this, he’d thank you too 🙂

  14. Hi! I am a new follower too. Funny that the first post I’ve read is so relevant to me. I have been so angry lately, I have been wondering if something is underlying. Someone suggested to me menopause(44??) My moods are not usually premenstrual either,they are more mid-menstrual. I am definitely going to do something now!

  15. Crikey I need to get me the Super Duper strength stuff. I did hunt around for the highest levels but have never seen the super one. Didn’t know about the fish oil I though that was just for brains and well I am rooly smart so didn’t think I needed them ones.

    Good post.

  16. So, after I read and commented on your post I went and bought the vitamins, taking care to note the right doses in the fish oil. I’ve been taking them for 3 days (in the morning) and by night time I am feeling very nauseated! I’ve just googled side effects of them all and it could be any of them. Now I think I had better start elimination and find out which it is. I’ve been taking them with food too! Hoping I can work it out because I can see that they could all have benefits for me. Have you heard of this problem? Do you think they have been really helpful to you?

  17. Bron – I’m not sure which one it could be? I am no medical professional and can only say that it has been of a benefit to me – but I guess if you are feeling bad then make sure you stop! Perhaps speak with a doctor or when you are in the health food store or chemist ask them? Sorry I can’t be of any other help to you – everyone reacts differently to vitamins/drugs.

    Hope you get it sorted out soon – I feel terrible!

  18. PS just realized that what I have written is all about me! I sound so selfish. Sorry,it’s not for you to fix my problems. I have loved finding your blog, I can really relate to what you write.

  19. No, No, Don’t feel terrible! I should really get proper advice anyway. I just spoke to Mum who tells me she has never been able to take vitamin B in any form. It makes her throw up. I think I have my answer! Glad to hear they are working for you!

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