Monday. In the park. I think it was the 20th of June.

I am not a fan of the park. I may or may not have even uttered the words “Great! Off to the fucking park” under my breath en route to the park. Once or twice. Maybe. I don’t mind the park if I can sit and enjoy a coffee and the sunshine next to the park. But when you need me to get in amongst the park – push swings, play in the shop, I generally would prefer to be somewhere else.

But. Monday afternoon I figured it was time to get to the park. Get some freezing cold winter wind pulsing through our veins and get out there amongst it. I mean, it sure as hell beats being in an office right? I really must remind myself of that every now and then.

And one good thing about this park? It’s right next door to the bakery in town. And we may or may not have rolled 2 finger buns AND a custard tart whilst we were here. Just to get right amongst it. And get the ‘full’ experience. You know?


  1. I hate the fucking park.

    But just as I started typing that Grovey came over and saw the pics and said, ‘oh is that the park? That’s a good part. Who those gels?’

    And suddenly the park seems ok. See, gets you every time. Fucking park.

  2. I hate the park
    But I luuurve the bakery!

  3. That park does look pretty cool. Does the bakery do good coffee too?

  4. Inam not a park fan. I on the other hand love the bakery! X

  5. The dude that brings his mobile coffee van to the park is a deadset legend.

  6. Tis nice to know that I’m not the only bastard who hates the park!

    I did give in yesterday though so Mum & I took the kids to a local park – Only for the temp to drop like 5 degrees and the wind to pick up. Of course the kids didn’t notice though. Eurgh!

  7. Phewww … seriously thought I was the only one who didn’t like parks. They redeem themselves in the vicinity of good coffee.

  8. That park IS your fucking office.

    The best thing, Just Beth … is that one day, your girls will be at an age where you just plant your arse down and they run around doing all the work. That’s when you’re “Over-seer of the Park.”

    One day.

  9. Ha ha! I last about 10 minutes at the “fucking park.” The place with the “fucking sand” is my most hated part! 🙂

  10. I (mostly) love the park- maybe it’s a boy/girl thing? At least when we are at the park, he’s destroying things in nature, not in my house!

  11. I am USUALLY a fan of the park. But not this week. I think it took me all of 90 seconds to have had a gut-full of the park on Monday. Might have something to do with the fact I now have TWO mobile kidlets to monitor. The physical and mental aspects of this are just so bloody draining.
    So I can relate to this post lady… very well! xo

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