June sunshine

She warms my heart on this freezing cold day. That and the sun streaming in through those windows. Seriously, would you look at those windows?


  1. Man she is just growing up way too fast and way too cute! I don’t think I would ever leave that beautiful house..probably because I would freeze to death outside 🙂

  2. What is she 4 now?

  3. AWW she is so cute. I was reading your blog the other day & Chloe was sitting with me….she saw some photo’s of Daisy….now she has the Daisy haircut because she thought it was so cool xx

  4. Ay, isn’t she lovely! Yes, I love your windows and the oodles of sunlight beaming through them. Gorgy :o)

  5. Oh. My. Heavens. She is so delicious! : ) what great pictures. And those windows… amazing!

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