It’s not you, it’s me.

I’ve had this post going around and around my head for the past few weeks now. Maybe even longer. But I’m not quite sure what it is I want to say, or what it’s about. So as I write all my posts, I’ll just start at the beginning and see where we end up.

Blogging has always been a huge joy for me and a big part of my life. What started as a silly little thing has become so much more. And I’m even bored with myself repeating (yet again) all it has bought me – connections, friendships, therapy, a keepsake – but sometimes I need that reminder as to just why I get on here every day and feel the need to get something out there. Weeks ago I was on a blogging high – I had been selected as a Kidspot Top 50 blogger and got to go and meet some fabulous bloggers in real life. I love those chances (like at the Aussie Bloggers Conference) and always have the best time. The comments on my blog seemed to be the highest yet and traffic was soaring. I then got into my head that “Stuff it! I wanted to go over to BlogHer in America” with the likes of Mrs Woog & Eden and that I could do it! That I was liked! I was important! Having something like that, apart from my life as a stay at home Mum with 2 kids in a new town was a huge boost for me. I had something to do. Because people wanted it from me. Or something like that.

And then I missed out and well, I seemed to lose my confidence somewhere along the way. Perhaps it was because I got a little ahead of myself? As I seem to do often in my life. Perhaps it was that I thought I was a little more important than I actually am? Most likely. Perhaps what I thought I had to say was actually more interesting than what it really is – just pithy observations of a mother’s life in the country with kids.

The other part of it all is that it is exhausting. The trying to keep up with it all. The trying to keep contacts, keep commenting, keep being an active member and part of the community that is moving and growing quicker than it ever has before. The tweeting, the commenting, the reading, the Facebooking, the online community forums, the blog conferences, all while trying to put interesting things up on your blog AND being a wife and mother and friend.

This is me, putting my hand up, saying I can’t keep up with it all.

And I pride myself on being able to keep up with most things most of the time, but this, I just can’t. I have this ridiculous thing (I don’t know what else to call it)Β where I feel like I need to be a part of the rise of blogging because I have been there right from the start. I don’t want to ‘miss out’ on any of the benefits because, damn it, I put the hard yards in each and every day and I deserve something don’t I? And yet I look at when hugely popular blogs put up a “It’s my one year anniversary post” and I think ONE YEAR? And you have all those followers? HOW DO YOU DO IT?! And it inevitably makes me feel like a failure because I am so hard in myself and that inevitably makes me feel like shit which inevitably makes me a cranky Mum and mean wife and someone that doesn’t like themselves very much.

I know that people like to read what I have to say and share here. I know because of the comments and because of traffic that comes on each day. I know from what people have said to me that my blog is good. That it is on the verge of being something. But it just never seems to get there. The numbers never seem to get there. The something never seems to get there. But where exactly? It’s frustrating the hell out of me. Patience is not a virtue of mine.

So. I need a little time out. It’s almost been 5 years that I have been doing this and I am a little weary. A little frazzled and a little disenchanted. I need the break to be a better me first and foremost. A better Mum and a better wife. Who knows somewhere along the way I might become a better blogger. I might get a clearer direction about where this is going, about what I want it to say. What I want this to be. I want to get some spark and humour back. I’ll still keep sending out my desperate requests for corporate sponsorship to BlogHer because I do think I have something here. I just don’t quite know what it is. But I’m hoping I’ll figure it out.

Because I am a complete interweb addict my break will only be short – I’m giving myself a definite week which is quite pathetic – who knows it could be longer (but I very much doubt that). And I’ll try not to spend the entire time desperately thinking that the break will be mean my ultimate demise and that I’ll lose readers forever. And that another blog will start up and overtake mine in just a week. And lastly, in the meantime, I would LOVE to know if you are in this blogging game…

How do you do it? All of it?
Do you ever feel like this too?
What will I do with all this free time?


  1. that’s funny Beth,.. I have been trying to construct a ‘time out’ blog post all day,.. but am even failing at getting that down on the screen!!!

    I LOVE your blog,…

    have a good break,….

    you will be missed xxx

  2. First of all Beth – I really enjoy visiting your space… a lot!

    Secondly – a bloggy break is a great thing to revive the batteries and believe me no-one could fill your space – listen as I say it …. no-one.

    Thirdly – numbers can be destructive – I’ve learnt this the hard way. To compare yourself to others is a recipe for disaster, this too is a lesson from my own blogging journey.

    Finally, blogging is a bit of a juggle and it means different things to different people at different times in their lives. I guess your biggest question to ask yourself is what does it really mean to you?

    Enjoy your break, I look forward to your return.

    xx Felicity

  3. Five years is a long time to devote to blogging, and you’ve done a tremendous job. You write beautifully, and a lot of people love reading your words – me included.
    I took a break for a few days from all things Internet and it was so refreshing.
    You should schedule some time off every month, or every few months.
    Burning yourself out in one area will always affect the other areas, and like you said – when you feel down on yourself you become a cranky Mum and wife.
    And nobody needs that πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy your break, we will welcome you back with open arms xxx

  4. I know exactly where you’re coming from. Take a break and breathe. We’ll be here waiting.


  5. I really don’t know how you do it – but you have a fantastic blog, so I’m glad you do. Personally, I’d be happy to read a post once a week from you, and anything more would be a bonus. You don’t need to serve something up every day.

  6. I have so much to say, so bear with me while I say/write it.

    I love your blog. I feel like you’re a hidden gem. Your blog is one of the very few that I can’t get enough of. I find you and your words refreshingly honest. I like that you’re not in this blogging as a competitive sport. There are a few blogs in the world where people talk out their arses – but not you Beth.

    I’m envious of your break. Why? I’m so constantly plugged in for work and play, that I would love to disconnect sometimes. I hope you enjoy your break and that it’s only fleeting.

    As for your questions:
    How do you do it? All of it?
    I struggle. As I said above I’m so constantly plugged in, that it’s not easy.

    Do you ever feel like this too?
    Yep. I do. A lot. I blog because I want to blog, not for anything else. Forget about the numbers. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Just share cos you want to be part of this, not because you want to be the best at it. There will never be a best, or measure of success. It’s just talk.

    What will I do with all this free time?
    You’ll be present and you’ll think of a trillion things to blog about. Write them down, and then come back and share with us.

    I hope you’ll still be instagram-ing with us. Let me know if you want to chat. I’m just a phonecall away. xx

  7. I could have written this. I feel the same. Then i realised I dont fit the blogger mould, nor do I have the time to devote that way. I feel ya!!!

  8. I think I might cry now.

    But I get it.
    You do it so well and to perfection so it must take a huge toll on your time and well, your brain.

    Pls don’t go forever. I will miss taking a peep and living vicariously each morning with my coffee.

    You are allowed on this break, however, to buy cool furniture and eat delicious food. Ok?

    I look forward to your return. Adios amigo.

    Why do I feel like I am saying goodbye to a great mate when I have never met you??

    Peta x

  9. the first thing you need to do is stop comparing YOUR blog with anyone elses. YOUR blog is yours, it’s uniquely you and you can’t compare it to anyone elses. no two blogs are the same. your blog is great AND people read it because YOU write it.

    not all blogs are destined for greatness and sometimes that’s a good thing. this doesn’t mean you’ve failed, or that you don’t write well. sometimes, in my eyes anyway, it’s better to have a smaller blog, it has many positives, one of which is that it enables you to have a more involved relationship with your readers. [in fact go and read this article – – i thought of it as soon as i read your post today].

    enjoy your break – a blogging break is great for the soul [and for the writing brain!], i’ve been taking one for the past week [by choice and not by choice all rolled into one] and while i’m not running at full blog writing capacity just yet, i can see it’s just round the corner.


  10. I used to blog & I get exactly what you are saying. All of it. I quite one day & never went back & I found it quite liberating because the ‘keeping up’ with everything was EXHAUSTING & I was looking at my computer instead of my child’s face most of the day.

    I love your blog though. I’ll be sad if you go forever. But I totally get it.

  11. …I *quit* one day…

  12. Beth I absolutely adore your blog. It’s beautiful, inspiring, honest and one of my favourites. I love what you have to say. You’re an incredibly talented writer and photographer.

    Blogging and the whole social media world is exhausting. As you say, it’s moving at warp speed and it’s hard to keep up. It’s also so addictive it can completely take over your life. Especially with iPhones and the like.
    I try to limit my blogging and tweeting to when Little Miss is asleep (I’m currently breaking that rule!!) and I’m trying not to get on Twitter every evening so I spend more quality time with Hubby. I also try to avoid it all on the weekends.
    I wish I could comment on more blogs and tweet more but it’s just not possible for me.

    I felt like this after just 3 months of blogging. Then took a few months off and came back refreshed and now I write for me. Followers and comments are lovely but I’d be ok if no one read what I had to say.

    Enjoy your break. You will be really missed and I look forward to reading what you’ve been doing on your return. xxx

  13. PS. I just wanted to say that your blog has been my favourite because its yours. its real. you write about what you want to write about. not topics that some sponsor has encouraged you to cover. and its so refreshing that your blog isn’t filled up with those bloody annoying nuff-nang ads all through it! I get that people need to be paid, but gee they certainly do detract from the integrity of the blog and are a major distraction from the real content that attracted people to the blog in the first place. i dont need to read your blog to learn about how great some new fandangled shower wipe is. i read your blog because its real.

    I guess i worry that when bloggers get a certain level of readership there is that expectation that to have achieved blogging greatness you have to have a whole swag of sponsorship deals. i wish it wasnt so. maybe i am just out of touch with blog-reality, but i have certainly watched a lot of my favourite blogs slowly slip down that slippery slope.

    take all the time you need, Beth. If you never come back, I will miss you, but i will know that you have been true to yourself.

    off soapbox now. sorry !!

  14. I could have written this post.

    Can I come to your place and hang out by the fire?

  15. I enjoy reading. And I enjoy reading your blog. It’s entertaining and real.

    I blog too – and I have few followers, and sometimes not much to say. Which sometimes gets me down, but then I just remember why I do it: for fun. And stick with that part of it…. Though it is exciting when something you write strikes a chord somewhere and you get a lot of hits/responses/comments/feedback etc… πŸ™‚

  16. I agree! Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, “playing” the blogging game. Like when a few days have gone by and I know there is a queue in my reader that will take 2 hours to get through. But I love writing and the interaction, so tis the price we pay. Enjoy a break!

  17. Hear hear, Peta. Nuffnang advertorials annoy me too. (But that mop is pretty good.) Anyway, Beth, I haven’t been reading here for very long but like everyone else has said I like it because it is a real and it is a glimpse into your life. The blogs I enjoy reading the most are not necessarily the ones with the most comments/followers. I actually really like smaller blogs, where if you leave a comment you might get a personal response. I don’t know how the ‘successful’ bloggers do it either. I’ve been blogging since 2004 and I do it for me and for my family to have a record of our life. If people comment, that’s great and appreciated and I love responding and visiting their blogs too (if they have one.) So I guess I’m saying just keep doing what you’re doing as people are obviously enjoying what you have to say. But yes, I’d be happy to read a post a week or every few days. Daily must be exhausting for you. Enjoy your break. πŸ™‚

  18. Beth, your posts always make me smile, I look forward to them! But totally hear you, my life feels a bit the same πŸ™‚ I look forward to seeing you back sometime soon. Annie

  19. Beth I love your blog & love that your posts tell us about your life.
    I read a couple of blogs which now seem to solely consists of sponsored posts or recaps of blogging events- original content is rare. I don’t read blogs with this kind of content anymore and see these bloggers as having sold out.
    I read blogs because I like glimpsing parts of people’s lives, some aspects I identify with and some I don’t but I always find it interesting. Take a break & recharge your batteries- spending time with those you love is more important than any blog!

  20. Hi Beth, this is actually my first post of yours I am reading and I hope it’s not the last! I’m going to enjoy reading through your old posts, you have a fabulous voice and way of writing. I think we all feel like this at times, we forget why we started blogging and the happiness it can bring us. Enjoy your break xx

  21. I’m relatively new to blogging and am completely overwhelmed by the amount of online networking that seems to be required in order to have a ‘successful’ blog. I blog because I love to write and because I wanted to start conversation around what it means to be a mother today. I can’t help but feel I’m in the playground again, worried that certain girls won’t speak to me or concerned about whether I’m making enough of an effort for them to notice me.

    It all got quite on top of me for a bit and then I really looked hard and long at why I love this medium. Blogging, like you say, has given my day-to-day experience some kind of meaning especially when others tell me that they connect in some way with my words.

    I totally understand what you’re getting at. Just write as you’ve always written, and you’ll do just fine. It’s good and you have a lovely way with words.

    To be honest, I’m not sure that this online networking (the facebooking, the twittering, the commenting etc etc) is sustainable. I can’t help but feel that in the not too distant future, we’ll look back at this time, at this obsession with being connected online, this obsession with saying something, anything, just to be heard, as completely crazy. You’ve heard of the Slow Blogging movement – check out this article ( This ‘movement’ will only get bigger and more mainstream as time goes on. As I said, this way of being online is simply not sustainable if we want to be the mothers and the wives and the partners and the friends and the family members we truly want to be.

  22. I totally agree with you, everything. As I was reading through your post I was nodding in agreement – yep I feel like that too.

    A break is a good thing and definitely much needed from time to time.

    I hope you come back refreshed!

  23. I’ve just found your blog – bad timing it seems! I already love it though and hope you’ll feel like coming back soon.

    Have a wonderful blogging break.

  24. Oh I am so sorry to read this post on how you are feeling.

    Without blowing smoke up your arse your blog is my most favouritest in the whole wide web (www)and dont tell anyone but I voted for you in the Kidspot Top 50.

    I love that when I come to your blog I am not going to read about the same advertorial that I have on 10 other blogs. I totally get why they do it and heck why not but yours is unique because you dont and I bet if you want to get all statisticy ( I am making up a lot of new words here) that you get as much if not more traffic than they do.

    I am sure that someone has spied your burning bright star and that the universe has something very special in store for you.

    I hope your break is what you need and that it is not too long (that is me being selfish) because I dont know what I will do for the first half an hour that I am at work…work I suppose now, thanks.

  25. I know exactly which one year old blog you’re referring to.
    But, comparing yourself to anyone is stupid. You are you, and your blog is a mirror of you, your life. You will never improve (and let’s face it, we can all improve) if you are wondering what else you should be doing that someone else might be doing. Just listen to yourself: what are you passionate about, and how can you create fresh content that is punchy and good? What is your niche? Be more you. You have a great eye, are funny and clever, and I think the only thing you should change is your mindset.
    Enjoy your break. πŸ™‚

  26. i blog for me, have blogged for years and think I have a grand total of 4 followers one or 2 friends and 2 others that have come along somehow. but i dont write for them. I write v infrequently lately. if anyone else wants to read it then they can but I cant buy into all the other stuff. Already wanting to get a life back offline. Have so many blogs in my reader I cant keep up with them and it takes hours if I want to read them all well not even all but a quick scan and read the ones that grab my attention. Have removed myself from some FB groups that were v time consuming and have been trying to make time and get the resolve to “Cull” my Blog list as i cant keep up with it. Want more time with kids and sewing and reading etc. All the things I did before blog reading addiction kicked in. Think I just need to go cold turkey but then think of all I would miss

  27. Happy down time however long that may be…enjoy the simple things in life and the rest will fall into place.

  28. We’ll miss you, but go! Get refreshed. And please return again someday πŸ™‚

  29. Oh Sweet lades, you do know you are my inspiration for starting a blog, don’t you? I’m sure you do, I’m sure I’ve said that before. I totally get where you’re coming from, it is bloody time consuming and I have no idea how the big blogs do it either.
    I have always looked forward to your posts each day, because I know you firstly, but also because you are a great writer. I will miss you if you don’t blog anymore, because I don’t get to work with you anymore either :o( Take some chill time, but remember exactly why you started blogging in the first place and I think you’ll be back on track before you know it. Please don’t write for anyone but yourself lady, your honesty and humour is downright refreshing. You’ve always cracked me up. Take care lovely xo

  30. Oh gorgeous Beth, take your break … I’ll be waiting for you when you get back x

  31. I blog to leave a record for myself about the life of my children. Almost no one reads it and that is just fine with me.

    That said, I READ blogs to find people that inspire me, make me laugh, tell a story and live their lives. I stumbled on yours and was instantly caught up in a voice that was so unique, Australian, and hilarious I couldn’t stop reading old posts.

    The digital world has made us feel connected in new ways, a part of lives that we would never have dreamed of intersecting with. While it can be great, it is to much to keep up with and we are a generation who is always trying to do to much. It would be great if we didn’t put so much pressure on each other or ourselves.

    Take a break, enjoy it, I hope you come back and I hope you don’t go commercial – I know that you would make reading about new kid product hilarious, but it is not what I come here for.

  32. Oh lovely Beth, I read this yesterday but have only just summonsed a clear head to respond.

    I think this happens to most bloggers and I think there comes a time you just think ‘I’m just going to do what I want, and not look at my stats this day, this week and get back to blogging how I started out’.

    I occupy my energy by working on mini-projects by which I judge my own success and I keep my expectations low. I’ve worked smarter instead of harder and I’ve found since I started doing this I’m finding I’m not pre-occupying myself with ‘where I sit’. That’s exactly when I wrote ‘how I blog like a racehorse’ because it had been an internal mantra that was getting away from me.

    Writing that freed me more or less.

    I know this week is going to free you, re-invigorate you and your creative process – you are a wonderful writer and blogger – you connect and that is a gift – don’t let the stats tell you any different xxx

  33. It is exhausting – which is why I’ve taken a bit of a step back to do it when I want to, and when I have something to say. I’ve been taking regular offline breaks and feel so much better for it.

    Hope you enjoy your break and we’ll see you again soon. x

  34. Blogging as a competitive sport is a bit of a drag. It’s easy to pick which ones DO take it that seriously. My fave bloggers don’t actually have that many followers, truth be told. I think you need a techno detox. All that connectivity can’t be healthy. Turn off the interwebs and grab a book. Really.

  35. Anonymous says

    Dear Beth

    I am a non-blogging blog reader and I look at your blog each day (the few that I do. I find it difficult to get balance in my life generally, let alone try to find the time and headspace as you do to devote to blog writing (I have even wondered what time you get up in the morning to write – you amaze me). I really do not know how the blog world works – but I do know that you are and what you have to say is very interesting and I really enjoy reading your blog.

    Enjoy your time off – I hope to see you in a week or so.

    Regards – Sarah from Canberra.

  36. Beth..this is amazing. It’s like you’ve written the post I’ve wanted to write so many times over the last few months. And it seems, many other bloggers above feel the same way!

    I started writing a post very similar to this, and it’s sat in my drafts folder for about a month now.

    In fact, I’ve always thought..’I’ll just post on this and then I’ll post it’ but I’ve never gotten there.

    However, I’m currently feeling ok about it all and enjoying it. I’ve reassessed.

    I’m just doing my own thing. I’m not worrying about building followers or about being a ‘brand’ or if what I write won’t interest others. I just want to blog.

    You are a fabulous writer – I’ve enjoyed your blog very much since I discovered you – and I think most of us get that we don’t have time to be writing and reading other blogs so much. I read blogs here and there – I’ve just spent almost an hour doing it this morning – but some weeks, I just can’t. I hope people understand. I understand when people don’t get to me.

    It does feel a bit like chasing your own tail sometimes, doesn’t it?

    In any case…do what feels right. Even after a few days you might really miss this space. But when you come back, just do it for you. No one else. That’s the key. I’ve spent time thinking, ‘How come that person doesn’t have my blog on their blog roll’ or ‘How come I can’t write like that?!’ and it’s not worth it. Do your own thing. For me, it was always supposed to be a hobby, and that’s what it will continue to be. To be honest, apart from the chance to meet more bloggers, I had no desire to go to the Nuffnang conference in Melb because I just don’t care enough about all the subjects being covered. I just want to write, share pics and stories and enjoy!

    Enjoy your break. We’ll miss you.


  37. I don’t know how I’ve only just stumbled across your blog now as you post this. But add me to the list of people who are looking forward to your return. The blogging world here in Oz may be small (ish), but it can be consuming, especially if you get caught up in worrying about numbers and followers and commenting enough on others as well as your own. I hope your break is refreshing. x

  38. Why do you really blog? I read you most days and enjoy your take on life, and your rural life so close to a major city.
    I have seen the thread of competitiveness in some blogs and it reminds me of high school. Really, do you define yourself by the number of followers you have? I blog and I have a regularly updated sidebar of my current favourite blogs, but I don’t add myself as a follower to sites. What benefit is there? Hate the word too if I am honest.
    The top 5 Kidspot blogs obviously hit a chord with the current crowd for whatever reason. It is interesting that most of them seem to be “giving” to their community in some way. That can’t be contrived and only comes from their heart so worth noting.
    Enjoy your break and have fun with your family. The world really won’t end if you don’t blog daily, we will all still be waiting to read your lovely posts.

  39. Beth; I here what you are saying…..
    In the last 5 weeks my life has been chaos. There were broken bones, a horrid flu bug, homework assignments, birthday parties, a wedding, my husband away working overseas and interstate. Then there was the phone call that happened on a normal afternoon. A phone call informing me of a car accident. Then life really went pear-shaped. Hospital visits and then a funeral. There has been no time for my brain to think. There has been no time for my brain to blog.
    At first I felt guilty I hadn’t posted for a couple of days, then weeks. I had felt like I was getting on a roll with this whole blogging thing, then nothing.
    People won’t come back to read if I’m not regulary writing, I thought.
    Then I got a grip and got over myself. I started writing this blog for me. Along the way some people decided they wanted to read what I wrote. Great. Good. But the point was I started writing for me. And if my brain needs a rest then thats ok too.
    Have a rest Beth. It’s ok. People will miss you, I’m sure. But don’t write if it’s a chore. Write because YOU want to. Because you need to. After all it’s about you and your life. Don’t get so sidetracked with being the perfect blogger that you forget to live it.
    For the record, I love reading your blog. It’s refreshing, honest and funny. If you need to take a break to keep it that way; then do it.

  40. You deserve a little break Beth :)I hope you come back feeling refreshed and passionate once more! I love reading your blog, it’s one of the only blogs I read regularly!
    Enjoy your time away from the cyber world xxxx

  41. You have people baby beth and we all love you. enjoy your break xx

  42. Anonymous says

    Take a break and hope you come back revived. Thought I would share this to give you a smile

  43. Anonymous says

    oops try this instead….

  44. big hugs lovely. you know I kind of see myself as a craft blogger which is good because they don’t go to blogher or things like that and so I don’t feel like I need to go or ask someone to send me. We’ve all been in that sort of position before though.
    I actually am so out of it I didn’t realise blogher was on or that aussies were going and asking for sponsorship. I also didn’t realise there is a blogher handmade. That’s the one I’d love to go to and so I’ve decided I’ll go next year to blogher handmade but I’ll send myself. If someone pays for some of it great but I don’t have those sort of contacts to ask so happy to save and go on my own.

    so take a break, enjoy that fresh air, get in the kitchen, make some cookies (that’s what I’m doing this afternoon) and make your blog still the pretty place that it is. Honestly there are people out there blogging to get to the top and make money and at some point it won’t be fun and will takeover their life and they’ll think oh what happened to that fun time when I should have been at home with my little ones. If you blog because you love it and it’s your pretty place then you’ll keep going with it. trust me.
    I get the mean emails and comments from people jealous of me and sure I sometimes get a bit jealous of other bloggers but I still love my blog and am proud of it.

    run your own race and don’t worry about the other stuff, that’s what I do and works for me

    love your blog so don’t go away for too long

  45. I like it here, a lot.

    I try not to compare myself to others. I just do my own thing and enjoy the little community I’ve got going on my blog and that’s pretty much it. The world of blogging is too big for anything else unless you want to become a ‘professional’.

    I like it here, a lot.

    I don’t tweet much and I think that helps me ‘stay out of it’ a lot. That’s a good thing, because I am exactly the same personality type as you are I think!

    I like it here, a lot.

    Enjoy the break. It’s too easy to get caught up in it all – deserving or not!! A little perspective is helpful, I think.

    I like it here, a lot. x

  46. PS – I don’t do stats. I never check them. I barely know how. x

  47. my first reaction was noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    but i can live with a week.

    i tried blogging, but i am shit at it. i am far more interesting in my own head…obviously.

    the reason why i LOVE your blog, (apart from being insanely jealous and coveting your life in a major way), is that you aren’t condescending, you don’t preach about how i should be raising my children, it is not laden with sponsored posts telling me to go and buy shit (i wont bore you with the amount of crap i have bought, including the shoes i bought on the recommendation of another blog that i cannot even put on my feet let alone walk in) one blog i pop into now and then, every post is sponsored! meh.

    I know you want it to be successful, dont we all when we do things but i think yours is a hidden treasure. I personally dont want people to find it! it would be ruined with people!!!! I can think of one blog that I discovered when it was less than 300 followers, now over 1000+ and it has become stale and boring and again full of sponsored posts. I understand the desire to make money from it, but too much turns me off completely.

    sorry for rambling, but basically, your blog is just sublime. love love love. please dont change it at all!!!

  48. I have just found your blog and think it is great but I understand exactly what you are saying. I am not sure when I began to blog (don’t really care) and I am quite spasmodic too. Being a MUCH older person I am not out in the big wide world nowadays so my blog is mainly just about me and mine with some thought about the way of the world in general.
    Strangely enough I have attracted a few more followers of late (heaven alone knows why) and they seem to enjoy what they read which has boosted my confidence. I still think what I write compare with us is a lot of nonsense but as others have said to you here, why are we making comparisons. I am not a competitive person so take it from someone who is approaching their 80th birthday….do your own thing as and when you want to do it but don’t give up because you write so well and I can see from the comments you would be sorely missed.

  49. I am old and tired tonight and I just realised I made a silly typo above….I meant to say “compared with other bloggers”, not ‘with us’ so am hoping it now makes a little more sense.

  50. Anonymous says

    Oh Beth just read your blog this morning! I am often your secret Newtown stalker and LOVE to read your blog (especially on Fridays when I have no kids!) with my morning cuppa πŸ™‚

    I often feel that Elissa and Daisy are kinda kindred Spirits – their behaviour really just seems to mirror each other! Really, truly its kind of freaky! (maybe its cos they have shared the same room?)

    It is so nice to know that someone else has the same daily struggles and joys πŸ™‚

    Keep blogging dude cos I love to read it!

    Pop Tangled in the DVD for a sing song if all else fails πŸ™‚

    Katie x (Dickson Street)

  51. Hi Beth,
    Firstly I absolutely love your blog and I love your writing and I love the glimpse into your life, some aspects of it I would love to someday have in my life. I totally understand what you are saying and I am a “nobody blogger”, I really want to be a “somebody blogger” one day, but I just don’t know how to get to that place, and often wonder would anyone really enjoy reading what I have to say? But you, you are fabulous! You deserve all the blogging glory there is, and I am sure whatever hasn’t come to you yet is on it’s way!
    In answer to your questions – I don’t know how to do it all, that’s probably why I am still a nobody, but I am trying to find a way to make blogging part of my day (well I do that already but I spend all my blogging time reading other blogs rather than writing my own!) maybe I have to treat my blog like my 5th child? Will 4 real ones under 6, I do find time to concentrate on something intelligent to write at a bit of a premium. The thing I have noticed most in my few years of blogging, is some little blogs that I started reading from the beginning have become great big massive blogs with so many benefits and perks and I am just amazed as to how that is happening. Ladies that have more than I do on their plates and I wonder how on earth they find the time to do it, or how they have managed to reach such a wide audience, it makes me envious but also at a loss to get to that point, maybe commitment is the key…. And what will you do with your free time? Cuddle your Babes, catch up on your fav mags (wish I had time to do this!), read other blogs?? (or is that banned too?) become addicted to pinterest, go to the movies, relax, have a facial/massage/pedicure, arrange some flowers, write a letter – like on paper with a pen! Whatever you do enjoy it, and I will look forward to your lovely posts again when you get your mojo back. Just remember to some of us readers you are a big fish to us and we look up to you xxx Megs.

  52. Hey Beth, you R O C K! I read your blog regularly now, and completely love it. I’m going to spend your time off going back to Bali and all of those fabulous posts. (Can you tell how much I love ’em?)

    I’ll miss you. (Feel free to come to Bali virtually again with me during your time off!)

  53. I’ve only just read this post properly now ….. wow.

    How’s the break? Is it good? Do you have a gajillion post banking up in your head? Have you had any brainwave breakthroughs?

    You are amazing – I tell my sisters about you all the time. You’re a goddamn funny, clever, beautiful, funky, stylish BEAUTIFUL strong woman. The whole social media “game” is so overwhelming sometimes. I take regular breaks and unplug all the time – sometimes two days in a whole row of nothing. Then I log back on and post because I have so much to tell the world. I steal time away from my family CONSTANTLY, to post on my blog. It’s so much healthier than crack cocaine.

    I also have a muse. My bloggy friend who lives in Detroit – if I get stuck or struck silent, I pretend that I’m just writing for her. I tell her this and she thinks it’s funny.

    You just be you. It’s not a goddamn motherfucking race …. and Beth, I swear to god, once you let go of the fear that somebody is doing it better, you will have so much freedom. Because somebody is always doing it better! Just talk to your readers, the ones that come here to read you. You have a following, hon. You don’t have to act a certain way or set strict blogging rules …. you can be casual and cavalier.

    You are YOU. There is nobody else who is a BabyMac … and in SO MANY WAYS, Australia is still waking up to all that us bloggers can achieve.

    Write an eBook on style – I’d buy it. Do a vlog – oh hell yeah. Start a meme. Break it up.

    Love you like a brother, man.



  54. And seriously, check out all these comments! Engaged audience? CHECK

  55. I hope you are enjoying your break, Beth. Sometimes this blogging journey feels like a roller coaster and I am not one for roller coasters! Recently I decided to blog my own race, do what I love to do, and stop worrying about what everybody else is doing and for the most part it’s working well. Every now and then I forget and I see a tweet or a post and I think, if only…. but then I remind myself, this isn’t why you started blogging, you are blogging your way and that is all that matters.

    Hope to see you back soon x

  56. Oh, Beth. Enjoy your break, my friend. We’re not going anywhere. I hope when you return, blogging will feel more joyful than burdensome.

    I’ve just had a week off given our move and it’s been weird. Tough, even. But healthy as well.

    Today I got stuck into my Google Reader and culled the 420 blogs I was following to 248 (it’s still a WIP). You made the cut, of course!

    I’m trying to retake control of my digital life. Somehow, it grows like topsy and suddenly you’re Dorothy realising you’re “not in Kansas anymore”, don’t you think?

    Just forget about Blogland, Beth and drink some more red wine in front of your gorgeous fireplace – I can just see you! J x

  57. I’ve only been reading your blog Beth, for a couple of months. And I must say I have missed you this week! Hope you’re enjoying your break. xx

  58. Anonymous says

    I don’t have a blog. I am way too boring.

    I cannot even remember how I found your blog, but I read it every day and have since before you were pregnant with Harper.

    I love reading about the stuff you write about. I find it interesting. And hilarious. And I love your honesty about how hard parenting of toddlers is.

    I hope you have had a good break. Try not to put expectations on yourself – I don’t.

    Lizzy from Sydney xx

  59. Hi Beth, I’m only a relatively new follower, and a relatively new blogger myself.
    I think we all need time out and I feel like this every now and then too. Some bloggers just seem to be able to churn out wonderful post after post, reply to their comments, and post on what seems like hundreds of other blogs.
    I do wonder how they do it.
    Sometimes I just get fed up and take a few days off. A digital detox.
    So maybe you just need a break and I’m sure you will come back refreshed.
    I also try remember why I started blogging. For myself. Not for the followers or comments, but for myself, the rest is just perks.
    Take care of you.
    And for the record, I β™₯ your blog x

  60. I’m reading this after the fact, but I bet all these comments have helped to boost you a bit- look at all this support!

    I constantly go through stages of wanting to update my blog, make it something ‘big’- and then smaller stages where I’m happy to use it as an online diary, for my eyes only, and those of close family and friends (and of course, all of the random others on the interwebs!) πŸ˜›

    Hope your week off was really good, and you’ve had some time to sit and reflect on how amazing you are, just on your own.

  61. So, here I am adding to your 60 comments about how much we love you.

    You are clever. You are honest, and refreshing. You have a way with words.

    And mostly, I get it. I celebrate five years of blogging at the end of this month. I started when my first boy was born. And I haven’t really stopped. Well, in fits and bursts.

    There was a time when I cared about the statistic, followers and numbers. But now I don’t care. I blog because I love it, and I blog because my initial reason was to keep a journal about our lives and family life. It’s changed a bit in the past year, but it’s still essentially the same thing. Parenting/me/life/family/and a bit of try-hard style.

    Whatever you decide to do, I’ll support you 100%. Of course, I can support you better if you stay here πŸ˜‰ xx

  62. I found your blog today and have spent way too much time browsing through your archives.
    Thanks for giving us a window into your life.

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