Eating our way through the weekend

One thing you could say about my family is that we like food. Actually we love food. And drink (mostly of the alcoholic kind, although we also like the coffee kind) and whenever we get together the combination is thoroughly enjoyed. There are usually emails or phone calls to discuss menus – back and forth seeing who can do what – who will bring what. It’s an organic process that inevitably leads to a fabulous end result. I can take no credit for this weekend’s delights – it was all my brother and sister and brother in law.

This weekend was no exception. Let me take you through it…

Saturday Lunch
: Homemade pumpkin soup with local breads from the market
: Chorizos & beef & basil sausages on rolls with mustard’s & sauces
: Prosecco & Beer

Sunday Brunch
: Ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter
: Baked eggs with chorizo & beans
: Strawberry salad with haloumi & proscuitto
: Rhubarb Bellini’s followed by Prosecco, white wine and beer

Sunday breakfast
: Scrambled eggs & bacon & chorizo
: Crusty local bread toast
: Hot coffee and tea

Highlights for me were the rhubarb Bellini’s. So easy too – just stew the rhubarb with a little caster sugar (say 75gms & a little water for 10 mins or so they blitzed in the food processor and added to the bottom of the glass). You could sieve for a thinner consistency and even add strawberries too. Delightful. I was also amazed by the strawberry salad (I think it was Jamie Oliver’s recipe). Such an amazing combination and one that will most definitely get a run again.

Today it’s back to weetbix and tea, rice crackers and tuna and perhaps something slightly more exotic for dinner tonight – like spaghetti Bolognese. My stomach could definitely do with the break…!


  1. I love weekends based around great food. It all looks beautiful.

    And when I tell you that I spent the weekend hiking and living on dried fruit, nuts, water and dehydrated meals, you may understand the envy I feel right now!!

  2. Mmmm, rhubarb bellinis sound divine! I like to fancy up regular old sparkling wine with guava nectar so this would be a wonderful posh alternative! I love your food posts… what I would do for those baked eggs for breakfast right now!

  3. OMG. Your family is so much like my family, except fancier!

    How good are those ricotta hotcakes? I’m seriously drooling. x

  4. Haven’t eaten yet – and now plain old toast just won’t cut it!
    What a spread!

  5. Well Beth you got us all drooling now.
    It all looks fantastic and I can imagine walking through your front door would be a moment of pure delight as the smells of gorgeous homemade cooking assailed the senses.

    Happy day!

    Felicity xx

    PS: Loving the rainbow bunting on the sideboard also.

  6. I love how the belinis were your fave. That’s my girl.

  7. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmo! oh man that is a lot of food but looks so good. I knew if I clicked over to your blog today I’d find a food report and those bellini’s sound delish. Must try them!

    maybe some cruskits and cottage cheese today;)

  8. Holy cow. This post definitely didn’t disappoint! Your Sunday brunch looks killer – how good are ricotta hotcakes?!

    Like you, I also feel compelled to go back to weetbix and tea after a big foodie weekend. Great food is only great in moderation xxx

  9. As my daughter would say “yummmmeee Mumm-eeee”! That all looks die-licious!

  10. Your fam do’s are always THE most incredible events. So beautiful lady, the pics, the food, the words. Looks like a top weekend all round xo

  11. It’s official, I’d like to be adopted into your family. The best my family ever does is cakes from packets and cheap sausages on a greasy BBQ. If you could send off the adoption papers this week, that would be appreciated. Thanks 😛

  12. hey lady, Tim sent me over. Hope you have a great shoot tomorrow! I cant WAIT to see the results!

    xo em

  13. I need tremendous amounts of honeycombe butter right. now.
    Miss T x

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