Eating my dreams

My Mum sent me an email earlier in the week and while I am not in the habit of publishing private emails onto the internet, I had to share this one. Remember those melamine plates back in the 80’s that everyone did? You drew a picture, sent it off, and weeks later a plate was returned! With your picture on it! I was amazed by it and ate off it day in day out including up until now when I use it when I’m at Mum’s place (God only knows how many carcinogens have been released off it over the years!). The girls love it too and I must look in to see if you can still get them done – I’m sure you can.

So, here is my masterpiece from 26(!) years ago:

She writes:

“I was putting this away this morning and couldn’t help but be reminded of the photo Tim took of you all standing in the shadow of your house. You have the chimney in the correct position as well as the appropriately placed dormer windows in the roof line.Of course there’s the right number of trees perfectly placed either side of your house,as well as the flowers blooming, happy passing clouds and a very happy sun.

Who knew, that in 1985 you imagined the very house you have found your way to (even though you were drawing our house at the time!!!) and you are living that pretty picture every day now. Funny, how many times that plate has been used every day since 1985 and yet today it’s more relevant to you than ever!! x MA”

And you know what? I think she’s right. Did I draw this dream all those years ago and then subconsciously work towards it everyday? Or do kids just draw houses like that? I think it might just be a little of all of that but thanks for the reminder Mum!


  1. How lucky to have such a divine mumma!
    Yes they do still do them.
    Here’s the link.

  2. how awesome 🙂 wonder if mine from 1986 is fortelling the arrival of a gigantic many coloured butterfly lol.

    I think my dream house looked a little bit similar…2 stories and pool…these days it’s a bit different and requries 5 bedrooms and a large studio and lots of space outside!

    (new commenter…I love reading your writing!)

  3. Love it!

    I have two – one with some Australian wildflowers I drew (the name of my street is a flower on the plate) and another has me with floor-length hair and a family of guinea pigs……

  4. Wow!

  5. Gosh I loved those plates! My Mum kept ours too, they are so hilarious! I drew my family but we all had long necks like giraffes! Haha

    You are living in a dream house, maybe you did dream up this house all those years ago… When I was younger, I wanted to live in the house from ‘Weekend at Bernies’. Classayyyy

    PS: Your Mum rulz!

  6. So sweet Beth!
    I wonder if my mum has kept ours!?xx

  7. That is gorgeous. I have a very similiar plate that I drew a picture of a house, complete with smoke billowing from the chimney, back in 1983 (They were all the rage then weren’t they!). What a lovely sweet thing. Thank you for sharing. xx

  8. My little girl just did her picture plates at kinder. I’m hoping your theory is wrong- she has given me the biggest bum you’ve ever laid eyes on…

  9. OMG Beth, that seriously gave me goosebumps! thank you for sharing – i always believe kids know what they want in their heart, its when we grow up we forget or lose sight of it. Its so nice that (as Oprah says ) you found your way back there to living the life you were meant to live 🙂

  10. That is just…cool!!

  11. I’m running these plates as a fundraiser at school this year, ca not wait. From 9 schools & 4 children, i have ONE!! ONE from my son’s preschool 4 years ago. I can’t wait to have all of them do one. My parents still have the one i made in 1981 at St Ives North when i was in 1st grade, it’s on their lamington tin, still in fantastic condition & they love it, but i want one, no, dozens of these keepsakes. Mine had rainbows & swings – funnily enough, my children have never asked or been granted a swing set?? Love Posie

  12. Oh your Mama is a one in a million lady, how completely lovely. You’re a clever chick, I think you knew EXACTLY what you wanted and where you wanted to be, all those years back. I’ve said before lady… Livin the dream… just livin. the dream! xo

  13. If your girls get to spend any of their preschooling lives at the lovely Gumnut in Bowral (‘my Gumnut’ as my daughter called it), they will do a plate. I have a plate for each of my children and mum still has all of ours from back in the day. Gorgeous things!

  14. Such a timely sad post for me.

    My eldest has/had one of these plates and for some stupid reason I put it in the microwave and burnt it.

    I was so cranky at myself for doing that.

  15. Lovely post..yes, I do think we inevitably work our way towards the life we dream of! I used to have a poster of Australia next to my bed in NZ..and I came here when I was 19 and couldn’t leave..I love Aus!

  16. Ah, those plates carry a lot of memories. I had one that my big brothers made for me at scouts around the same time as yours. Unfortunately mine broke when i was a teen, but I remember it fondly.
    My kinder boy just drew on the template for his own picture plate, which is being sent off this holidays, hopefully to come back in time for christmas. So there you are: they do still do it (
    Lovely post.

  17. Anonymous says

    How lovely.

    I just can not get enough of seeing photos of your beautiful house.

    Sarah from Canberra

  18. Anonymous says

    How lovely.

    I just can not get enough of seeing photos of your beautiful house.

    Sarah from Canberra

  19. HOney, this is one gorgeous post.

    And, just quietly, I think EVERY little girl was drawing your house in 1985! x

  20. Oh, sooo cute! I love that your mum has kept your picture plate all these years, and now how you live in your dream home.

    Dream come true for sure!

    (And yes, my son just drew a picture plate at kinder last week. It won’t be anything of his dreams. Just lots and lots of black scribbles. Meh.)

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