An afternoon forage

You know what beats walking along Parramatta Rd to get to the park to blow off those late afternoon cobwebs? A walk in the countryside, collecting wood and twigs for kindling for the fire. The girls love to do this – I mention it and they are like puppies when they see their leads to go “walkies”. Seriously.

We walk up the road a little way, stop and gather, snap and stick in the box. Simple really. Harper carries her own special basket for the occasion and collects with winiest sticks that are not really much help. And Daisy usually has her shoes on the wrong feet (again) because she can’t get out the door quick enough.

We get home, set the fire, watch Playschool reruns at 4.30, light the fire and our night begins. It’s my most favourite time of day.


  1. you light a good fire, Miss Beth! I am still failing at fire lighting 101. My method is to get a bunch of firelighters and shove a massive log on and then hope for the best. sigh. one day I’ll learn!

  2. My kids love collecting kindling and firewood. Farmgirl calls it “wooding” which is quite weird really….

  3. As my little niece would say fanta-stick!
    She loves collecting sticks on our walks but unfortunately it’s not cold enough for us to have a fire.

    I’m breathing deeply to inhale some of that lovely woodsmoke from your house.
    You’ve turned a tricksy time of the day into something delightful, clever you!

  4. This makes my heart melt x

  5. Lovely! Oh I want a fire! These posts make me so wistful for change!

  6. One word – JEALOUS!

  7. cookcleanstudy says

    I soooo want to move to the country.

  8. My litte ones love, love being outside. I think it must be the general appeal of so much to look at and the opportunity to run around, I would love to have a wood fire, maybe in my next house. Looks like you have perfected the hardest part which is getting going

  9. Nothing better than the warmth of a beautiful wood fire! i am jealous!

  10. Harper, and her weeny sticks + basket = heart warming. She is SO CUTE!
    Love that Daisy puts her shoes on the wrong feet too! Sweet little ladies… I can understand it being your favourite time of day… that really does have the inner city thing beat xo

  11. Oh this post brings so many memories back for me.

    When you are a passenger and you are driving in the country past empty paddocks/fields do you look at all the dead trees on the ground and go oh man that would make awesome fire wood. I still do it and we don’t even have a fire anymore.

    p.s is Daisy top from Country Road? We have that same top but in the burnt orange stripe.

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