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This morning was our first day back at Preschool in over 2 weeks! I was a little, shall we say, excited, and Daisy was pretty pumped too. Adults aren’t much fun – especially of the cranky Mum kind who has been dealing with 4 days of constant poo from Harper. I think she has Bali Belly. In any case, gastro and nappies do not mix. I cannot cope with any more poo. Or washing. Or nappy rash. Poor thing. Poor me. Poor bottom. Poor us.

When we were there Daisy’s Preschool snaps were there ready to be picked up. They are old school and cute and just as I remember they were from when I was a kid – perhaps things are fancier in Sydney but these are hilariously dated. But cute. Until…

Um. What’s that on the second row?

Ride ’em cowgirl?
This is me, just sitting, looking relaxed. As I do.
You’re making me do what? Like that? How funny! Really?

I can’t get over them. It’s a mixture of hilarity and confusion and just why on earth would you make a kid pose like that? And just WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH do they insist on vomity pastel backgrounds? STILL? I know they were de rigueur in 1987 but still? This is as close to pageants as this Mama and toddler are going to get…


  1. Ummmm, the pose. O.K.

  2. hmmm, it appears there are no changes at all in the kinder photo’s from my youth to the ones my twinnies came home with. Same (icky) pastel background, token talking on the old telephone shot, pretending to paint and a few shots climbing metal bars and the like.

    and that pose..ahem?!


  3. Hahahahahahaha! Oh I needed that laugh today! Love it! So natural, so now. They’re keepers!

    PS – Lil has the same cardi.

  4. Is she on some sort of fake horse? It’s kinda country. But also a little um creepy!! But funny!!

  5. This has made my day! I freaking love the pose! Daisy pulls the look off flawlessly- totally adorable- nice to know some things haven’t changed! x

  6. Well it’s obviously a great pose because it means you can see her super cute boots!
    My kindy photo is me half way up a climbing rope looking coyly over one shoulder – I was always an exhibitionist.

  7. That’s brilliant. My kids had their school pics taken recently. They made 3 year old Boo (in her own words) ‘hug a tree’. As you do…

  8. ha ha that photo made me snort.

    Classic 21st party photo. Love it.

  9. And in a skirt, too!

    Good things she’s cute!

  10. Love it! Our Sydney preschool is toying with the trend of preschool photographs where they put the kid in a box. Hmmm. Ok. Whatever.

  11. Our school pics feature the class draping casually over playground equipment. It’s both endearing and threatening in an imminent Lord of the Flies kinda way.

  12. That’s just, ummmm, a little bit weird!! Maybe it’s a country thing?

  13. Very toddlers and tiaras! She looks super cute regardless, but yeah, enough with The Pony Club poses ploise.
    I dodged Angus’ preschool photos, they were having them on a day he isn’t there and I was only too happy not to pay the FIFTY FIVE BUCKS for a portrait and class shot. I think we will have enough memories once he starts school. Thanks!

  14. Gorgeous….and weird. Very weird. You HAVE to buy them though, they’ll make a great story for her when she is older.

  15. But where are the images iPod her on the slide, doing a painting, climbing frame??

    The model shot is marvelous, can’t believe they made her pose like that, at least she is smiling perfectly.

  16. WTF? Seriously?

    Is this 1982 in Austin Texas or the local preschool 2011? If the Badoo didn’t have that exact same spotty cardi, which I KNOW we bought only a year ago, I wouldn’t be able to pick it. Again, I say, WTF!? x

  17. It’s gorgeous and strange at the same time. Gorgeous Daisy, but honestly who makes a 4 yo pose like that?! Xx

  18. Bwahahahahah, best thing I’ve seen all week, hands down…

    Go Daisy go, YEEHAWWWWWW

    she is so adorably sweet in those photos but you do have to love the last 2!!!! it’s like a pose for an older girl! oh my goodness thanks for making me laugh so much this morning! at least you can see the funny side

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