Weekend Rewind Part 1: Red Carpet Ready

Ohmygoodness! It’s Tuesday! Sorry for the whole no post thing but it has been a VERY busy 4 days in the life of Beth and I am only just home. Hungover. And on 5 hours sleep. I have washing to do. Unpacking from the weekend to do. More washing. And then packing for the 9 days ahead of us. And stupid blogger has been well, stupid. So. I will try and recap over the course of the day to fill you all in.

Friday afternoon I picked up Daisy up from school and headed into the Big smoke. Literally. Happy to report I can still cope with city traffic and can merge like the best of them despite my country living.

Daisy was looked after by her Uncle Chrissy for the night while my little sister and I went out to the Premiere of Water for Elephants. They ate fish & chips on their stable tables and watched a movie. It was beyond sweet to see them together and I think it’s fabulous that he was willing to give it a go. I so owe these guys when they get around to having kids.

My little sis and I met up with the fabulous Rick who walked with us because every girl needs a stylish man on her arm. The perfect accessory. It was less glamour, more cattle call but it was still fun to see people look at you and then get disappointed as they realise that you are just a nobody and not even some chick that might be on Home and Away.

I imagine this is what it would look like if you were Lindsay Lohan walking the red carpet. I am such a good photographer.
I briefly spotted the star of the show but was whisked away before I could have a good look. However, from my spot I still say that I don’t get what all the fuss is with him. Really. He’s just a pasty pom.

The stars came out to introduce the film before they were whisked off to dinner (that’s right they don’t stay for the film – but you knew that already right?!) Reese is just as small and as annoying as you would expect her to be. I kind of wanted to push her over. Great film though – chick flicky and if he floats your boat then THIS is for you.

Here is one of my favourite shots EVER of my sister and I. In the bathroom. Glamorous.
It was SO MUCH FUN to be out! In the city! With my sister! On a Friday night! I drank waaaaay too much champagne. Pretended I was faaaaar more important than I really am. And laughed waaaaaay too much. What a night!


  1. you look very important! loving your dress xxx

  2. What the fudge?! I go away for a couple of months and you’re walking the red carpet??? I have a LOT of catching up to do. Also, ‘Uncle Chrissy’ with Daisy just about made my uterus burst… TOO cute!

  3. Love every bit of this post – Daise and Uncle Chrissy, pushing Reese over, drinking waaaay too much Champers.

    PS – you featured in my post today.

  4. Surely you can’t laugh too much…?

  5. Awesome! The champagne, I get. But how could you ever be anything but SUPER DOUPER important and you can NEVER laugh too much (but definitely too loudly). It was fabulous meeting you and laughing too loudly together.

    Love your work, Beth. And happy mother’s day to you too. I saw your MD post and your day looked so perfect. x

  6. Looked perfect! You can never have too much champagne. Especially as a Mama on a rare night out!!

  7. You were totally red carpet READY

  8. Living the high life, on the red carpet… no less! Love it Lady. I was in the city on Fri and saw them setting up Pitt St mall. There were a gaggle of hyped up teens awaiting ‘pasty pom’s’ arrival no doubt… or just maybe, they were waiting for you! :o)
    Daisy with her uncle and their stable tables is the cutest pic ever.

  9. Love your dress! Definitely red carpet ready!


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