This morning

: I am feeling refreshed after an uninterrupted nights sleep. Honestly, when you have small people, is there anything better? They are like little precious jewels to savour. I am most definitely savouring it.

: I am watching play-doh creations on the table right next to me.

: I am admiring new artwork created at Preschool and marvelling in the fact that my (not so little) girl can write her name.

: I am admiring fabulous cards from fabulous people (thanks Eden!) on my fridge.

: I am prepping soup for lunch.

: I am listening to some french music on the stereo (how clever is Mac air?!)

: I am soaking up some seriously beautiful May sunshine through my windows.


  1. I am suffering a hangiver and mopping the bathroom floors. Swap?

  2. I am still in my pjs just put the baby to bed.

  3. I absolutely LOVE that lounge/play room! Soooo sunny!!!

  4. I haz been there, in your house. I LOVE IT SO BAD.

    Last night, Dave turned to me and looked at my earrings. Sighed, and said, “I’m off to bed. You’re nothing but empty promises – hey thank your friend for that saying.”


    So, you make lunch?? And then, make dinner? Two cooked meals a day? I don’t understand this phenomenom.

  5. Sounds like one of those fairytale days where everything falls in to place… *sigh* I remember those… perhaps mine will come back soon when my toddler re-commences sleeping through the nights again (last experienced Christmas 2010).

    I do have one of those divine sunny spots though – heaven arent they??

  6. You are, without a doubt, living the life, Miss Beth. x

  7. Great shots! That playroom… I can’t get enough of THAT!

  8. I love your taste in colour. And that play room looks so sunny and lovely. Days like this are worthy of remembering.

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