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: Yesterday morning Daisy went to Preschool. And left me. Alone. Well, not quite, her sister was still there, but it was without a hormonal 4 year old. It had been 25 days since her last day at school with holidays and then sickness (not that I was counting or anything). Harper and I went into town to look for Mothers Day presents and birthday presents and we stopped and had a coffee in the cold, crisp sunshine. We shared a muffin. I took pictures of the sky. And her. And leaves. And it was just plain lovely.

: And then the strangest thing happened when we got home. I washed clothes. Hung them up. AND THEY DRIED. It was quite extraordinary. Two loads of washing done, hung, dried, folded AND put away. As I said to Rob “it’s a testament to my house wifely skills that sees our washing baskets emptied given the current weather.” Yep. I seriously said that. And he laughed. But it is! It really is! It’s been raining for weeks!

: I sat down on the front verandah with a tea and had the sun shine on my back in between washing loads and basked in my house wifely glory. And counted my blessings (yet again) that my front verandah is as beautiful as it is and that I get to sit on it and call it my own. I swept it. I pruned flowers. I watered pots. It, too, was just plain lovely.

: Then it got to dinner time and I looked at the pathetic potato bag with 2 measly potatoes in it and wondered what I could create with 2 measly potatoes. I put them on the chopping board and then gasped! Was that a DICK staring back at me?!

: Why yes, yes it was. FOR REALS. I took many photos. Tweeted my outrage and humour at the potato to Coles online on twitter (who incidentally only made a lame joke about meat and 2 veg on the subject!) and Facebook and then wondered if it would be uncool to serve it to my kids for dinner. But I only had 2 measly potatoes to work with, along with some sad beans and capsicum so I had to use it. Don’t tell them OK? I think that the farmers are really starting to get cranky at Coles for undercutting them on prices. Note to self: support local farmers. And don’t piss them off. AND those ‘Carisma’ potatoes certainly do have plenty of, er, carisma.

: These bad boys are also sitting on my kitchen bench. Lanyards! For a Premiere! A RED CARPET Premiere nonetheless thankyouverymuch. Friday night I am lucky enough to be attending this fab new movie 20th Century Fox film alongside R Patts and I suspect many, many screaming girls. I personally don’t quite get the whole Robert Pattinson thing however I am happy to get dressed in black tie attire, walk that long red carpet, look famous and far more important than I actually am, drink some champagne and watch a movie. Will try my hardest to get a photo with them and perhaps an interview for the blog? Well, when they were sent to me they were addressed to:

Beth Macdonald
Mummy Blogger


  1. Go you!! Red carpet premiere! With R Patts! I only get sent washing powder and kiddie DVDs.

    I so wanted to wash yesterday, but with an open house I couldn’t draper my unmentionables across the backyard. Thankfully the sun seems to be out again today so the machine will be going all day. In fact
    I just tweeted about you and washing. Great minds….

  2. AH! I am a little bit obsessed with Robert Pattinson, he’s pretty sexy. Enjoy the premiere hun! I used to go to heaps of them with my friend who worked in PR. Yes, I was her +1 but I didn’t care.

    I didn’t wash yesterday, but today is sunny so I can catch up. Your photos are fantastic, love the autumn tree!

    Also, dick potatoes?? Awesome. I often get a penis shaped carrot and have a chuckle to myself. From now on, I promise to photograph it and blog about it too!

  3. oh that is so funny! someone was very bored at coles while packing potatoes me thinks!

    have a great premiere and don’t you have the best of both worlds!


  4. Sounds like lovely grown up fun. After suffering the longest, driest, hottest Summer on record, I can now boast that Autumn days of 26 degrees are sensational!

  5. Just when I thought the best part of this post was the penis potato, you mention Ron Pattinson.
    I am in major love with him. Drool. Go Team Edward!
    And have fun at the premiere, you lucky duck 🙂

  6. I saw the penis potato on twitter. Hehe! Apparently I have the sense of humour of a 12 year old boy!

    Have a fab time at the premiere!

  7. Those first two photos… magic! The colours just superb. Loving Harper’s little footsies too… CUTE-EE :o)
    I think that bag of spuds were just MEANT for you lady friend… FABULOUS!
    My house wifely skills were in full swing yesterday and today too… 6 loads of washing over the two days… goodnight everyone! ;o)
    Have fun at your red carpet event… sounds like a hoot. xo

  8. Have fun on the red carpet!!!!

    Love the potato! Xx

  9. As you are now famous and on the red carpet with real stars..does that mean we are almost famous for knowing you? I think it’s quite funny that you get a list of instructions for the gig!! Is there red carpet etiquette you should learn?

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