Normal transmission resumes

Can you believe it? They survived! Princess and Bruce made it on nothing but murky water and air for 9 whole days.

It was SO good to see the girls. And be home. And put a load of washing on (yes really) and put the fire on and go to bed at 7.30pm (yes really) and just be back to some normal.

This Saturday I am grateful for  all of it. But mostly the alive fish bit. That bit was really good.

Playing along with Maxabella. Just for some more norm.


  1. Good that the fish and the kids were alive and well! You did have the most fab holiday though so I’m assuming you are refreshed and rearing to go and tackle the world head!

  2. Welcome home, Beth. I’m glad 7.30pm is your normal bedtime too. (!)

    They made it! Bruce does not look impressed in that photo… but, shucks, buddy, sometimes lazing on a beach in Bali just has to take priority!


  3. Your bedtime is 7:30?? Now I’m jealous of your holiday AND your bedtime!!!!! Glad to have you home xxxx

  4. Oh man — I was just getting used to my virtual views, virtual sunshine and virtual sand between my toes. Couldn’t you just bring the kids to paradise? Oh well — I’m happy you’re happy to be home.

    Thanks so very much for taking me to heaven for a while! (and 7:30 works for me too!)

  5. I love how it looks like Princess & Bruce have your lovely windows in their fishy bowl… or maybe it’s not a reflection and they do in fact have lovely windows!
    I bet the little ladies are beside themselves with glee to have you back home :o)

  6. Welcome home.
    Glad the fish survived. I’m jealous of your holiday but more so your fire hehe. Oh how I’d kill for a fireplace…. one day!

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  8. Clean clothes are an extremely satisfying thing and not to be under estimated 🙂

  9. Princess and Bruce …. I read that and thought, I didn’t know Beth used pseudonyms for her girls names? Apparantly you don’t – but wouldn’t they be cute pseudonyms?


    PS Had to spellcheck “pseudonym” for this comment – still looks wrong, man.

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