(insert Gwyneth’s bubbling Oscar acceptance speech here)

I remember last year when the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers List came out I was on twitter at the time and felt like a total loser when all the nominees were announced. I mean I had been blogging for YEARS! And *I* thought that it was pretty good. It seemed that there were a few people other than my Mum and sisters who read it and I wondered just what I had to do to get some kind of recognition for my “craft”. Snort.

So what did I do? Well. Nothing. I brushed it off, tried not to keep up with the cool kids and just be me. I just kept doing what I have been doing, coming on here every other day talking (mostly far too openly) about my life. All of it. The tearing my hair out crazy frustrations. The no sex with my husband. The mastitis and bleeding nipples with my baby. The guilt of working while trying to balance motherhood. And life. And well, stuff. And somehow, somewhere along the way a few more people jumped on board. I got some great boosts from links from Australian blogging heroes like Maxabella, or Mrs Woog, or FatMumSlim and Eden or Frills in the Hills or Retro Mummy who said “Hey! All my loyal readers! You should totally check out BabyMac! Try it. And then you’ll like it!”. And somehow people did. And somehow I managed to make this years list. Me!

I am totally stoked about this. Seriously. I mean how did I get amongst such FUNNY, clever, beautiful women? And could I take out any more people from the back of this shot with my clever “placement” in shot. It was no mistake.

I had the chance to meet some of these birds at the #ausblogcon (not sure why I still need to hashtag that) and made some real connections. These are some quality people. Funny. Did I mention funny? Clever. Smart. Beautiful. REAL. And good drinkers too! I even sucked back a ciggie in a lane way with Maxabella! I never laugh as much as I do when I laugh with other bloggers. Kim and Eden make me laugh so much I just want to punch them in the arm. You know? Maybe not. And don’t get me started on PPMJ. How fabulous is she?

Some of the coolest chicks around – Linda aka PPMJ and Eden
I apparently have a chin like Jay Leno. I am hideous and gigantic in this photo. The end.

As I said. I love them. See? I kiss them even when they don’t want to. Or like it.

Poor Corinne had no chance of escaping my love.

And I drink a little too much when I am around them. Because how else can I explain this? Kim?

The 14th champagne kicking in for me whilst standing with Mrs Woog & Kim
Kim & Eden making me want to punch them in the arm. Again,

So thank YOU Kidspot for including me in the list. It has made my week, month, year. For reals. And even if I don’t get any votes, then that’s OK by me because I have this whole group of powerful women who I am luckily enough to call my friends. And who seem to get me right back. And that’s the biggest prize I could ever get. Ever.

But I guess, if you did want to vote for me you could click above or on the logo on my side bar. Try it! And then you’ll like it!

And thanks to Corinne and Lady Wooga and Kim for stealing their snaps from twitter and blog posts etc and chucking them on here.


  1. You forget to mention that absolute rockin dress! Wish I could have stayed and had a few more bevvies. You were always a cool kid lady. Have fun on your hol. #jealous #hashtagcrossover xx

  2. THAT DRESS was amazing. You looked fantastic and it was so much fun catching with you, despite the next day being the longest day ever x

  3. I feel exactly the same way. Blogging gets me out of bed in the morning and the incredible people I’ve met and now call friends, well that is the icing on a very big cake. And, you lady, are a very big part of that!

    Love ya long time. x

  4. Look at those pins!
    If blogging doesn’t work out you could always take up hoisery modelling πŸ˜‰

    keep doing your thing Beth, it’s become a part of my day.


  5. Your on the list because you are awesome!

  6. Have voted for you. Long time reader, first time commenter!!

  7. I LOVE reading this little blog of yours and you totally deserve the nomination! I think you rock, that is all! xx

  8. I was actually checking out the list a few days ago and saw your name there, I was so excited for you! Have voted πŸ™‚

  9. Oh! Beth! You so totally deserve it, well done!! Just remember, some of us little newbie bloggers look up to chick like you…

  10. 14 champagnes? Is that all? Pffft. Come back to me after 14 kajillion.

    Ok I’m just going to say it – I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU BAD.

    Bordering on psycho love, you are that dear to my heart. I love that we are friends. XOXOX

    PS Have a ball in Bali – or two. GEDDIT?

    PPS Don’t forget that Aussie exchange rate.

  11. oh that photo of you and kim! classic! I was nominated again but decided not to go in it this year as it was fun last year and I can’t do it every year but good luck and now I can vote for you!!!! corrie:)

  12. Oh congratulations. It’s funny when so many bloggers meet in real life, i love it. I get to meet tonnes through my design business, it’s fantastic to add them to the list of bloggers i know in real life. Love Posie

  13. As if you’re not getting any votes! You’ve got mine, sweet gal.

    Best. ciggie. ever. x

  14. Love it, Beth. So cool to see what I missed out on. It looks like you had a ball. J x

  15. I was so excited when I saw your name on the top 50 list. Stoked in fact. So, I did what any excited person would do. I voted for you.

    You’re welcome. And yes, I love your blog too. xx

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