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The hotel room is typical 5 – star. A king sized bed dominates one end of the room. A well appointed lounge room opens to a wide balcony with views beyond to the ocean. The sheets are wrapped messily around two forms. These are BETH (33, very good looking mother of 2 and wife) and ROB (35, husband and father). They appear to be in some kind of honeymoon haze of relaxation and love.

                               Shit. It’s Wednesday and I still haven’t written that post for
                               Kidspot Blogger thingy. I have to get it done by tomorrow
                               before we leave because the cut off is Friday. You would
                               think with all this spare time I would have done it by now.
                               Stupid. I’m stupid.

Beth rolls out of bed as she reaches for Macbook.


                               You can do it later. I can think of something else much more
                               important that needs to be done right now.

Rob reaches for her trying to pull her back into bed. She is just out of reach and is out of the bed before he can catch her.


                               I wonder how the kids are? I miss the kids. Do you miss the

Rob turns on the TV to some Indonesian quiz show and pays no attention to what his wife is saying.


                              Do you miss the kids? Oh look! An email from Mum and some
                              photos of the girls. Look at the girls look how big they look. Do
                              you think they have grown? I BET they have grown up so much.
                              I miss the kids.

Rob continues to watch TV.



Beth sits at desk readying herself to write. Instead of logging into Blogger she instead types into her URL.


                              I’m just going to write this post now. For the bloggy thing.


                             Yeah no worries.


                             Yes. I’ll just get it done now because I can see that everyone is
                             starting to write them. Look here, Nikki has hers up this morning.
                             And Bianca. AND Jodie. Bloody hell, twitter is like some kind of
                             guilty notice board for them all this morning. I’ll just have a look
                             here then get onto it.

She smiles as she reads through her twitter feed occasionally tapping away with gusto as she jumps into various conversations.


                              Tappity tap tap. Listen to you go!


                             Ah, yeah.

She quickly logs into blogger and stares at the dashboard. She stares out the window for a moment, then looks back down and hits NEW POST. She then opens another window in Safari and opens her email. She searches through some posts until she sees the one she is after. From Linda Drummond. She reads the criteria and copies the title of the post from the email, clicks back into blogger and pastes it into the blank blogger post waiting for her.


                            I’m a bit hungry. Are you hungry? Let’s go get some breakfast
                            first. I can finish this off later. Wanna get breakfast?


                           Sounds good. Let’s go.

She shuts down her macbook and jumps up enthusiastically


                           Yes! Let’s go. I think this morning I am going to go for eggs
                           AND pancakes. I mean there is only two more days of this left
                           so let’s go a little crazy. Soon enough it will just be a coffee and
                           Daisy’s leftover toast. I might even get a danish. I think I’m going
                           to get a danish! In fact, I am DRIVEN to get a danish. Maybe I’ll
                           write about that. It has to be around the theme of drive.

                           I can think of something you can drive. Write about THAT.

Beth and Rob are laying back poolside on beach chairs. Rob has a book in hand and is deep in concentration. Beth sits up, Macbook open in front of her. She has 4 browser windows open: Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and email and she frantically moves between them all checking one, then when finishing moving onto the next. Twitter. Then email. Then Facebook. And then blogger, albeit briefly. She goes around and around and around again.


                          Tappitty tap tap tap! Look at you working hard on your


                          I know! I am selfless. DRIVEN you may say Rob. Yes.


                         Like I keep saying, I’ll give you something to drive. Will you
                         be done soon? Wanna go for a swim?


                          Yeah, I’ll take a break I think. Let’s have a swim and THEN a
                          beer. OK?

As she closes down all of the windows we see that the blog post, titled, remains blank.

Rob lays in bed watching TV drinking a beer. Beth sits on the bed, outside of the covers, Macbook open in front of her.


                           I’m just going to put the, ah, finishing touches on that post.

She gazes at the blank post in front of her. Still titled, but empty.


                           It’s just that I have to get it done. You know, before tomorrow.
                           Because I really do want to win. I do. And I am, ah driven to
                           get it, well, done. Cause I have to. And I want to, of course. I
                           wonder how the girls are?


                           I know something I want to do. Broom. Broom.

Beth looks at the empty screen in front of her. And then over at her husband. And she closes the laptop.



  1. SO bloody funny. Can we please get this short film made? Have voted for you x


    If you get a short film made, I’ll dye my hair and play you. Because you’re so cool I want to BE you. And eat all the pork belly, admiring my new shiny toes.


  3. I’m driven to say that this is a very creative post AND if I were the judge you would certainly be amongst the top three potential winners. (You would have nudged the others out if you had just posted another sunset!)

    Here’s wishing you win even though you’re already a winner! Look around you – 5 star everything with magnificent sunsets to boot.

  4. Was coming in here to write about the scathing unfairness of you asking for help to win a new car and money while you are on a fantastic whirlwind holiday…but I laughed so much at this post I can’t be angry anymore.

  5. Brilliant, I love the way Rob is portrayed! So, who would you get to play you, and more importantly (for the scene ending!) who would play Rob?!?

  6. A most exceptional entry! Loved it PS how good is Bintang x

  7. You are hilarious Beth! And that’s why I’ve voted for you. 🙂

  8. This post is freaking awesome. This is why your in the competition you dirty little minx.

    it would only be made better with a photo of you sitting on the bed with the laptop and rob pulling you back..I bet you didn’t think to take one of those!

  9. bahahaha nice.

  10. What a fantastic love story!! Laughed my head off :))

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