Colours of Monday

: It’s windy here today. Really windy. And it’s making me a little, well, something. Crazy? Anxious? Cranky? Tired? Wound up? All of the above? I have a million things to start and don’t have the energy to start one. I have a headache from not having a coffee yet today and no matter no many cups of tea I have, it won’t go away. And I could start up the coffee machine and have a nice cup in the sunshine….but it all seems a little too much effort, so there it sits, on the bench taunting me, and there the head aches stays boring into my skull. Oh the logic baffles even me sometimes…

: I tried to make arancini from left over risotto from last nights dinner and I rolled them up (even got Daisy to help me) fried them off and then they all collapsed. And then turned back into risotto, except fried with lots of oil which was gross, but I ate it, and now I have a distinct oily woozy malaise. Why couldn’t I just throw it out? Oh, no. I ate that nasty oily mess. Oy.

: Daisy and I are up to our old tricks. Again. And so soon! The bad attitude. The talking back. The tantrums. And that’s just me. And I know it’s a combo of her getting back at me for going away, and I know that she has been such a good girl that she is using all she can on me because she, well, can. And she loves me. But it’s hard not to feel upset by it. It’s hard not to feel all that relaxed holiday vibe disappear behind the frustrations of the most stupid things like tipping out water all over the place when I have asked her specifically not to 576 times in the space of 5 minutes. How to maintain the cool? Be the bigger person? It’s my eternal struggle and one I am sorry to see rear it’s ugly head again so soon.

: Despite all this wind, the wooze, the headache, there is plenty of colour around here. Plenty to make me smile. Plenty to make me feel better. Plenty yet to do today. A promised trip to the park. A trip to the post office. A fire to get on, dinner to be made, phone calls to be made, emails to be returned….Monday life.


  1. Sometimes when I go away for the night, the payback makes me wonder if it’s worth it! My girls, they love the payback!

    Hope life feels more comfortable soon. x

  2. Do you have a pantry or other hidey hole? I have a pantry to hide in, and if I were you I’d be hiding in the pantry for just a minute, closing my eyes and remembering the beach, the cocktails, that gorgeous Potato Head place. Just for a minute.
    I find that sometimes all it takes is simply unclenching my teeth and loewring my shoulders.
    Good luck for the rest of the day. Go and make that coffee, and have a great time at the park!

  3. the boys and I have an unwritten policy that if I vacate the premises without any of them for a longer duration than one hour I shall be punished for a length of time determined by their mood, the amount of crap they have eaten, the lack of food they have eaten and something to do with sleep or a lack thereof.

    That said, the only thing for it is to get the two of you out of the habit behaviour – go for a walk, instead of no try ‘you can do that but over the bath/outside/on your bed rather than mine’, or even, and I find this the hardest, stop what you are doing and join in what they want to do.

  4. deep breaths. just remember the payback was worth it.

    any new colour added from your trip? what shopping, if any, did you do?

  5. P.S blame it on the wind. the kids at work get really feral when its windy.
    just saying x

  6. Oh yes, the weather makes the animals crazy & well, affects the children too, they haven’t had their usual hours of running around outside, it’s an imbalance. I have been away from my children like twice in 12 years, so not so sure on the whole ‘payback for going away’ but once you work out your child’s currency, you have a real ace up your sleeve. I put my children on pause if i can’t find the right words or actions in the heat of the moment, really saves on saying or doing the wrong thing you’ll later regret. Good luck, it comes & goes, then they are teenagers, oh boy!! Love Posie

  7. la,la, la — I can’t hear you (with fingers stuck in my ears)! I’m still on virtual holiday in Bali.

    Seriously, you will totally miss this very time (the stuff you refer to as “punishment”). If you weren’t such a great mom, being a tiny bit short with kids wouldn’t bother you.

    P.S. Mondays suck for EVERYONE almost all the time (unless you’re in Bali)!

  8. Pretty sure Rocco’s shitting all over the house for the past year has been because we went overseas without him.

    Little sweetheart.

  9. POpt Daisy. Go hide in the corner somewhere and find your calm.

  10. It IS a hard slog lady. I’m going through the same motions with Angus and it wears me down… daily. Problem is, I think Felix could be just as headstrong and he’s only 10 months!
    I made risotto last night also… in my new Scanpan. Recipe to follow on my blog :o)

  11. You’ve got a classic case of post-fucking-amazing-holiday blues. The kids will get over it. You should just start planning your next one!

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