Basket full o’goodness

This morning I was out the door before 8am, managed to scrape the ice from the windscreen and get to a local Farmers and Flea markets. It was all of 1 degree when I got there but I managed to pick up a few bits for our visitors arriving from Sydney later today.

There is something special about choosing local organic in season produce that just fills the soul isn’t there? A quick trip via our butcher to get a standing beef rib roast, bacon and eggs from their farm with bits still on them made the perfect basket.

Lunch today we are going to have a red wine beef casserole which I might throw into some ramekins with puff pastry over the top or I have some left over potato, leek and pumpkin soup with some of the potato sage and leek bread I picked up. There may or may not be a scone for afternoon tea and for dinner Rob is going to cook those rib eyes on the fire pit which we can have with those organic potatoes roasted up with rosemary and of course that delicious spinach. Bacon & eggs on that wholemeal sourdough in the morning & fresh coffee and no doubt many glasses of wine in between.

I love this. I am grateful for this. I am so lucky that we can do this. The produce, the friends, the entertaining, the celebrating, the eating. All of it.

Playing along with Maxabella.


  1. Perfect, all of it!

  2. That there is a feast for my eyes. You are such an inspiration … your foodstuff, your attitude, your zest for real life.

    Your loaf of sourdough rivals the sourdough I get from Hominy Bakery in Katoomba. And THAT my friend, is huge. xxoo

  3. Fresh is definitely better – and I’m not referring to the chilly morning starts!

    Happy and warm weekend to you and whom you share your glorious space with.

    xx Felicity

  4. OMG what time can I come around. My mouth is watering. That sounds delish. Always nice to have company…. well when it’s lovely friends anyway.

  5. Yum. Looks divine. Have fun tonight.

  6. loving that bounty of goodness!

  7. This is almost enough to make me leave the virtual vacation I’m still on (the one you still have pictures from in your camera)! Looks lovely, sounds wonderful — have a great weekend!

  8. I can sense the excitement and anticipation of your day already..I am sure you will have a great time with your visitors!

  9. That potato, sage & leek bread… made my mouth water, it did! Fabulous farm fresh produce, you’ll be cooking up a storm lady!

  10. i covet your life and your lifestyle #thatisall


  11. Bless, Beth. It makes me so happy to see this all come together for you. You’ve just slid right in there into your tree change and it’s wonderful. x

  12. You should be a food stylist. Seriously.

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