At least I know I’m not alone

These past 24 hours:

  1. I have watched rain, serious pouring down rain come down and down and then down again.
  2. Dealt with the crushing blow (OK not quite) that saw me miss out on the Top 5 of the Kidspot bloggers. I’m Ok with it, really I am, but I still really, really, really thought I might make it. There’s always next year right?
  3. I have watched my washing pile grow and grow and grow some more and then when I finally decided to get off my arse to do it I had to go out into said pissing rain to chuck clothes into the dryer which is in the garage. Which requires one to go outside, through the rain to get to.
  4. I have chopped wood and piled it and burnt it and then had to start all over again. I love the end result but it’s time consuming. And messy. But warm, I guess there’s the warmth.
  5. Put out 4,568,027 fights between Daisy and Harper.
  6. Listened to Harper say “No no no no noooooooo” a further 5, 478, 456 times.
  7. Changed waaaay too many nappies from Harper and realised that I just have a general faint smell of poo about me all the time now.
  8. Made the most ridiculously mis matched, left over dinner last night. Daisy had asian noodle soup (aka 2 min noodles with soy, garlic & ginger broth) Harper a potato chip tortilla and Daisy’s left over noodles and Rob and I left over beef casserole pies. I am not in the practice of making 4 separate dinners but no food and no desire to leave the house left me with no choice. You will note the distinct lack of vegetables or anything nutritious from the menu. Not
  9. Dealt with a coughing fit vomit from the 4yro which left me sleeping with her on the floor of her room and also the added bonus of more washing! But with chunks!
  10. Realised that a single doona does not really cover 2 people. Especially when sharing with a 4yro.
  11. Tried to come to terms with the fact that this sickness means time off preschool which means more days, like this one.
  12. Watched my husband work until a ridiculously late hour and then back again waaay too early for muppet clients who don’t care for his work, or pay him accordingly. He is worth so much more than what he does most of the time.
  13. Stopped myself from taking to the gin in the am because of point 9 (see above).
  14. Braving the supermarket this morning because we really, really needed food. There was pissing rain, cranky kids, opened up packets of food whilst still in the supermarket and plenty of points 4 & 5 (see above)
  15. Watched Tangled 23 times.
  16. Tried to write a blog post 45 times over the past 5 hours and been interrupted 45 times.

I now need to tackle points 2 & 3 all over again and then there will be dinner. Again. Excuse me while I go to my happy place where I was just 2 weeks ago now.


  1. No, you’re not alone. I had a vomiting 4yo yesterday, I had to sleep in her bed with her last night. She had a fever, so I got most of the doona as she was sweating.
    We too did grocery shopping today, something I hate doing with both kids, but as said 4yo wasn’t at preschool due to yesterday’s yakking I had no choice.
    We’ve also watched Tangled a million times.

    Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day!

    On the bright side, at least I have leftover birthday cake!

  2. Hmn, sounds normal to me… the problem? that holiday, it made you realise that what we do is NOT normal, so it sucks having to get down there in the trenches again. Don’t worry, your holiday will fade away soon, and normal won’t hurt quite so much 😀

    I do hope that the vomit stops though, so that preschool can resume, I find {pre}school always helps.

  3. Oh lady. Had to comment and let you know ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE!’ What is it with the coughing fits turning into a spew?? I thought it was just in my household, so feel a little better now… a LITTLE better. Both my boys have been going the spew these past few weeks. By day, they’re fine, come night time, sleep is just a hinderance to them. I’ve also done time in the single bed alot lately. I don’t know whether I’m Arthur or Martha lately. That’s a worry :o/
    The fights too! A 3yr old and almost 11 month old really know how to go at it when they want to.
    We have also done 2 minute noodles the past 2 days for lunch… completely house bound due to weather.
    P.S. I haven’t seen Tangled, but on first read I thought YOU had been watching the series on Fox called Tangle… Ben Mendhelson, Justine Clarke, Kat Stewart. A pretty good show if you ever get to watch something for YOU again ;o)

  4. you are not alone.

    whooping cough in our house. despite all being immunised.

    for me, i am happy its raining. makes staying inside in front of the tv slightly more bearable.

    that mojito looks sensational.

    stay tough. its almost wine oclock.

  5. I reckon it’s always ten times worse in winter too..bleak cold days just make everyday life that much harder. I reckon the answer is too keep warm, snuggle a lot, watch great movies and just veg..oh and plenty of hot yummy drinks!

  6. Thanks A LOT for taking me back to Bali. My imagination was virtually starting to fade!

    How many days until the ultimate vacation begins again? (The kids can help you count. Activity doesn’t always stop the fights, but one can hope.)

  7. Not alone. Just a different version. Hope you have that Happy Place blown up and placed prominently for such days x

  8. I hear you! It was a bit like that here today.

  9. You chop wood? I take my beanie of to you, my fair friend.

    I just spent an ordinate amount of time studying that last pic, with the beautifully set-out tray.

    YOU CHOP WOOD? You’re like, a super hero.


    Hope Ms Four is better by now.

  10. Dear Ms Woodchopper

    I have two words: Groundhog Day

    Life feels like that sometimes.

    It’s worth it for the good bits. xx

  11. You have the 10am post holiday cocktail blues.

    It takes roughly two weeks to get over it.

    Chin up.

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