3 out of 4 ain’t bad

Yesterday I was trawling through the many (many) photos of the wedding over a month(!) ago now and came across this shot of our little family. We very rarely pose for “actual” photos, but I don’t mind this one…in all our wedding finery. Isn’t Rob’s kilt fabulouso? It’s Macdonald dress tartan or hunting tartan or something – and it’s his to keep forever! He got it made especially – which incidentally got a run on Friday night at the Royal Wedding. Always handy to have a kilt about isn’t it?

Shame there is a missing baby (who was back home with Grandma) and an arm that is a little flabby looking…but it will do.


  1. Gorgeous, all of you. x

  2. I just see an unbreakable unit of love.

    And one hot chick with the a haircut I totally covet.

  3. Gorgeous photo!

  4. Love me some tartan. The McKinnon clan tartan is very important with my inlaws etc. Nothing beats a man in a kilt!

    Lovely photo as always, Daisy looks like a doll 🙂

  5. What a gorgeous pic! What a good looking bunch you are. x

  6. Precious photo lady. Love Rob’s kilt, looks very impressive… dare I ask, are the rumours about going commando under kilts true?? ;o)
    You and little Daisy are blonde bombshells, that is for certain.

  7. Great shot. I love weddings that are a little different!
    Rob looks like a character. And I only say so because I have a Rob, and we know lot’s of Robs that are all characters!
    It’s something about the name, for sure! :p

  8. Awww…beautiful! God, I love your dress. GORGEOUS!

  9. Beautiful family pic!

  10. What a lovely photo! You can hardly see Rob’s arms at all through his shirt, don’t worry about it!

  11. Beth that dress is awesome. You have one spunky family there my lady.

  12. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! x

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