A world gone mad

This week has been a tricky one. Sunday it was beautiful, sunny, fabulous autumn and then on Monday it turned to winter. Short days. Cold weather. Rain. The fire that has been on for 4 days running now. It’s like time did some trick and all of a sudden fast forwarded me to 3 months from now. Which is fine, I guess, but it has taken me by surprise this all of a suddenness of it all. Add into the mix 2 kids that have colds, a healthy dose of cabin fever and a little pang for the busy city life and this lady has been in quite a spin.

Harper has been suffocating. Desperate to be near me. On me. Actually on me. As in our skin touching. How very peculiar. And then a 4 year old who is also unwell. And a little over tired. And suffering from one hell of a case of end of school term fatigue-itis. We have had some dooooozies of tantrums – some not seen since this time last year when Daisy’s behaviour all went to shite. I have had to put out so many fights between Daisy and Harper. Daisy and her bestie. Daisy and whatever she desires at any given moment. It’s been shouty, people. It’s not been pretty. You get that every now and then though don’t you?

So on Wednesday afternoon Rob ordered me out of the house for an hour or two while he minded the girls. Just to get some space – some physical space between me – and them. He’s a good man (and the best bit was when I got home he said “holy shit no wonder you are losing your mind”Win for me!). So I didn’t need to be told, the moment he popped back inside from his studio I had the keys in my hand, my phone in the other and my handbag flung around my neck – I was outta there. I ventured into our nearest big town for a wander around some shops. A coffee. Some freaking peace and quiet. Things didn’t quite go to plan when I purposely went to the un-kid-friendliest cafe in town (yes we have one of those who does not open the door wide enough for prams…seriously) so I could sit. With adults. And do important stuff like tweet in private. What do you know? Some freaking children had literally slipped through the cracks and were sitting next to me. Saying Mama! Mama! Mama! Over and over. At least I am nothing but consistent.

So I had my coffee then got the hell out of there to see if I could find my new winter boots. As discussed with Nikki from Styling You via email and after the successful boot purchase for Daisy, I wanted to see if I could find me TWO pairs of boots. My vision is this: one pair of chunky black biker boots for casual attire – leggings/jeans/chunky cable knit jumpers combo for school pick ups and a taste of the city life IN COMBINATION WITH the high top casual flat boot for wearing over tights and skinny jeans and teamed with a polo neck sweater when I want to channel my inner Princess Mary Southern Highlands look. Simple right? Yeah right. I have no idea where those biker boots are (most certainly not anywhere around here) but I *should* be able to get the others when I remortgage the house.

I went into the fancy shoe shop in town. A serious shoe shop. In fact, it is called a ’boutique’. And they had just had huge deliveries of boots as there were boxes. Everywhere. Stacked high. And they were big boxes. And there were many, many women in there trying on these boots in boxes. I suspect the delivery of said boxes had just come in. Women in chairs with boxes and tissues and boots everywhere. In between their blinding diamonds hanging of their hands I struggled to see just what all these boxes were. That said HUNTER on the side of them. They were gagging for them. It was upon closer inspection that I discovered that THEY WERE GUMBOOTS. Rubber. Boots. Wellies. Sure they might have a fancy buckle but THEY WERE GUMBOOTS.

Strangely enough all of the women trying them on had navy on too. So they could totally rock this look. I suppose.

And one particularly fancy lady (as an aside a very horsey looking woman) was going all gaga over these quilted boots. QUILTED GUMBOOTS. And she kept asking the saleswoman over and over “Are they the glossy? I’m not sure these are the glossy? ARE THEY THE GLOSSY?” Gumboots people!

But then! THEN! I saw the price tag. On each and every box (not just the GLOSSY!) they had this written on them. It’s right. Believe me, I checked 3 or 4 times.



I got the hell out of there, got in the car and went home because all of a sudden the crazy at home seemed a whole lot more acceptable than that crazy.

All images were taken from net-a-porter (but of course darling)


  1. woah. I thought my $75 leopard print gumboots were over the top! Seriously though,..the only place to get biker boots is at a bike shop! I got my vintage ones on ebay…but you can get them at Fraser’s Motorcycle Gallery in Burwood. Let me know where you get your chunky fishermans sweater though? I am hanging out for one that isn’t $300! pj xx

  2. Anonymous says

    Try ebay store Country Attire. They are UK based and have loads different styles of Hunter boots, and the best part FREE postage!!!! Around $100 for basic type, def worth a look. Bryony

  3. Oh lady, I was about to completely lose my shiz this morning (and it’s only 7.30am) and I read this.
    The 2yo is very sick and will need a trip to the doc this morning, would only sleep upright on my chest meaning my back is gone this morning. The 4yo keeps correcting everything I say with “But Liz says…” (Liz is her preschool teacher). She’s also been literally hanging off my arm this morning. To top things off I’ve got a freaking stylist coming to my house this morning to discuss the real estate photo shoot. The house currently looks the Amityville Horror. Hold me.

    It’s always good to know that I’m not the only mama being pushed to the brink of insanity by her kids.
    This weather is completely mad and not helping my mood. I’ve seen biker boots around, now to remember where. I was going to buy some last season and never got around to it.

    Take care of yourself and bless your Rob. xx

    PS- sorry for ranting on your blog!

  4. Oh dear … gumboots on your blog this morning and puffer vests on Mrs Woogs’. What is going on?
    You might need a longer leave pass to Sydney for you boots quest?

  5. I am refusing to deal with the boots issue this year. I can’t cope. Between the price and the sheer exhaustion I feel just thinking about trying to find the right pair. I am going to wear my Mum’s boots (clunky, tan leather, thick soled) that she had made in the 70’s and wear them with pride this winter! Good luck!

  6. ha! Welcome to winter with kids in the country/mountains!!! It’s NOTHING like when you used to visit these parts pre-kids, living in sydney and you fantasize about how lovely the cold is in front of the fire! The reality of life with kids in a cold climate is mist, rain, boredom (no shopping malls, undercover entertainment to escape to), rain, rain, rain and CABIN FEVER all round.

  7. Heheheehe… I have been giggling over the Hunter pheonmenon since last year’s soccer season. They are de riguer up my way. $200 gumboots is just so over the top ridiculous that all you can do is laugh your head off. I always just figure that it serves me right for moving to the upper northern shore of Sydney. x

  8. Next time you venture back into ‘town’, and I mean Bowral ‘town’, check out Vox Pop just outside Oxley Mall. The owner used to be a real live pop star (you may be too young to remember Spy vs Spy though), and they have a great range of boots; biker boots too. My eyes are on a knee high pair of black patent docs but not sure if I can still carry them off. However, Tanya (the pop star’s wife) is a great laugh and she is always getting bits and pieces in; even vintage.
    Good luck!

  9. Oh don’t even get me started on the gumboots craze… DO NOT GET IT! But I’ve never been one to catch on to the latest trend :o/
    It’s horrible when both kidlets are sick, poor you, hope they’re better really soon xo

  10. You know what the worst thing about this post was, for me?

    Realising that I now want a pair of those fucking gumboots. THE GLOSSY ones, of course.


  11. Crazy gumboots!! I like the shiny ones, not that I’d ever buy them. For starters I have no where to wear them.

    I think I need some new boots too, mine all have heels – don’t think I’ll be needing them this winter with newborn twins! In fact I may not need shoes at all as I doubt I’ll be leaving the house.

    Hope the kids are over their colds soon!

  12. After soccer season after soccer season of wet, muddy jeans, last year I decided to buy gumboots. Best darn thing I ever did. Black with white polka dots.

    Kmart – $14.99


  13. I had the hardest time finding boots I liked. It was a chore. I finally found one pair (on clearance!) but I want more. They all have 5″ heels. I hate that. Rob is a good man! xx

  14. I laughed so much when I read this. I discovered Hunter gumboots last year – they were quite huge. But I’d rather go to Rivers to get gumboots for around $10! Seriously, they are just rubber. (So, yes, I agree with you 100%.) I think we just have too much money… or something.

  15. after reading this post i am now surfing the web for Hunters !!!!

  16. I love gumboots (but I live on a farm so they are fairly practical) but there is no way I would spend $200 on a pair that I am just going to wear down to the chook yard…. Got mine from Target for $20.

    Good luck with finding the other boots!

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