Trivial matters

It’s so much easier to get up at 6am when it’s bright and looking like morning isn’t it? Fortunately for me (because yesterday was Rob’s wake up and he had to get up at 5am), the kids and I were up at 6 which was really 7, which was really awesome. Despite the fact that all three of us have colds. It’s still good. For a Monday.

We had a busy weekend getting stuff done around the house. We spent hours and hours and hours in the garden, wedding the driveway that was out of control, weeding gardens beds, mowing lawns, whipper snippering, raking and sweeping. This morning everything looks picture perfect, which is also good for a Monday.

Saturday night Rob and I left the girls with the world’s best trusty teenage babysitter and headed up to the local hall for a spot of trivia with the neighbours and some others from our neck of town. We had a great time AND even came second {out of 18 tables which was pretty impressive no?}. We ate, we drank, and we had some good old fashioned fun under the fluro lights with a bunch of people from our new town. My lack of knowledge in all matters was truly pathetic. I think I answered 3 questions which were – Julian McMahon, Delta Goodrem and Gina Riley – can you tell where my specialities lie?

I even doodled on the paper tablecloths. See? Even my subconscious scratchings are white picket fences and sunshine and flowers? This town is getting under my skin I tell you. I walked home under the stars in the cold to get back in time for the babysitter as her Mum had to pick her up, and then sat in front of the fire on the couch and thought to myself “this isn’t bad, for a Saturday night.”

This morning Daisy and Harper were playing on the rug and Daisy was asking Harper to make a wish about something because something else was magical, or something {come on it was early} and Daisy said “I’ll start. I wish we had another baby.” Oh oh. No she ditn’t. Except she did. She wants another baby. Hold me. That’s not bad for a 4 year old is it? If only her mother could catch onto the idea. And at this stage, she most certainly has not.


  1. Anonymous says

    I think second place is nothing more than first loser.

  2. Anonymous says

    It would seem that the people of the world find your post about “trivial matters” well, trivial.

    Upon my recollection it has been 2.459 years since you have had what I think they call in the blogging community, a “round hole day” – 0 comments.

    Based on my preliminary assessment, you are the only blog from the 50 Best Australian Blog 2011 nominees to have attained today such an honour with the next nearest being the post titled “My darling has infected nappy rash”, with 73 comments.

    Whilst preferrably an avoidable honour, it is an honour nonetheless.

    I hope for improved tidings.

    Mr Anonymous

  3. I have this oddly elevated opinion of myself that I am FABULOUS at trivia – because I really do have a head full of meaningless crap. As evidenced by the two trivia nights I’ve attended and flapped my mouth uselessly like a dying goldfish – that meaningless crap is exactly that – and not trivial at all…


    I’m good at the drinking that accompanies trivia nights though – is that a quality highly esteemed at your trivia night?

  4. I love how the sun is coming through the clouds in your doodle. And the empty wine glass, pretending it’s a perrier.

    Am off to read THE WEDDING posts …. I have been saving them up!


  5. Awesome doodling tho 😉

    – tork

  6. YES, have another baby!! Do it!

    Congrats on the trivia silver 🙂

  7. Oh come on lady, we can do this little dance if you must… but you’re a mama through and through. I can so see you with another… and evidently, so can Daisy ;o) Just tell her that if you do this for her, she has to help with all the hard stuff once it’s out.
    P.S. I like your doodles :o)

  8. I think that the minute your children wish for another baby, it changes the way you feel about having another one. Like, you want to please them, or something.

    I posted about that damn baby switch that doesn’t turn off just the other day. Yours off then? Or is that just the dimmer? xx

  9. Ok, so I’ll explain what happened .. the other day I came here and commented .. and I read the Mr Anonymous comment and freaked out on your behalf. A HATER. HATING ON BABYMAC.

    I went to email you, then saw your tweet that it was your BROTHER. And I was so relieved it wasn’t a troll.

    And then I never made it back, because my brain gets stuck on dumb things, but now, I really AM checking out your wedding posts.

    In conclusion, you don’t have a troll and it’s hard being me.


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