Sunday secret

I have discovered the secret to a perfect weekend. What you do is, you do something rather fab on a Friday night. And it’s so fab, and you are so relaxed that you start to think it’s actually Saturday night, because who has this much fun on a Friday night?! And then Saturday so feels like Sunday and then when you get to Sunday it’s like this little gift handed to you all wrapped up in ribbon saying “Here I am! Another day! Just for you. Because you deserve it!” Bless that little secret Sunday.

That’s what we did. We had dinner with friends on Friday night and then a rather slow and rainy Saturday at home by the fire before getting stuck back in with said friends for round 2 for some of the kid’s Birthday’s on Saturday afternoon (which may or may not have drifted into Saturday night with a cheeky game of Trivial Pursuit thrown in for good measure). And then this morning? There was a whole day! Just for us! Because we deserve it!

We ate so well. We drank probably a little too much. We soaked up great company with funny, intelligent, warm, kind and generous people who we are lucky enough to call our neighbours. We went for walks. I picked up 2 pieces of vintage furniture that I am in the process of turning (quite badly might I add) into something even more fabulous then they are now (details to follow) and I sat on the couch. A lot.

The girls even spotted in the back garden (a week early) the Easter bunny (OK just a bunny) nibbling on a little something under the crab apple tree.

This week we are going to busy bees ourselves. We have friends up today for a day trip then we are heading to the beach to spend some time with my Dad before heading back down here ready for a weekend full of visitors to do it all again – eat, drink, sit in front of the fire, walk, be merry.

Life. Is. Good.


  1. I love those sneaky little extra Sundays. I completely agree – when you do something out of the ordinary and exciting on Friday night, it’s like a whole extra day gets added to the weekend. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend, and I love that photo of your gorgeous girls xxx

  2. Best secret EVER! Seriously way cool.

    Beth, you are more magic than a magic toadstool. You have an uncanny ability to turn every blog post into beautiful sweet diamonds, full of love and all sparkly. No mean feat, my friend.


    PS I will be PUZACTLY in your neck of the woods on the weekend of the 20th May. Just sayin’.

  3. Brilliant! I also love doing stuff on Friday night, it does make the entire weekend go further (how does it do that? Magical!).

  4. wow I looooove your amazing home. Any chance of a daily room shot….just a thought……u could make a weekly thingo on your blog… the garden toooo. “I want what she’s having”…guess the movie. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I agree! A Friday night gig just totally extends the weekend nicely. Glad you had a good one! x

  6. You’ve got the key! I’ve had that feeling so many times before, but never realised the key to a great Sunday.

    Pity that by Friday I’m a knackered mess and all I can muster is some vegemite toast eating and an early night. Gah. x

  7. great idea!

  8. Nice one lady… just livin’ the dream… you are!
    DELIGHTFUL pic of the gals… THAT is magical.

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