A study in brown

Daisy got her winter boots yesterday because even though it’s only autumn at the moment, she’s a getting chilly and a gal needs some boots. IS it wrong that I wish that they were mine? Are they not the most fabulous winter boots that ever there were? LOVE them. And so does she. They will certainly get a work out in the season ahead.

I need to roast these babies up {thanks to our fabulous neighbours for dropping them off} but I find myself admiring them in this wee bowl on my bench. Also a little wrong.


  1. I WANT those boots … just adorable. They will be so loved. It takes a while longer for winter to arrive up here but already, I know it’s time to go winter PJ shopping for Mr 5.

  2. Gorgeous boots! I can just picture Daisy galloping around the ‘Wang in those. x

  3. Ooh. Nice!

  4. Oh, those boots are to die for!

  5. I can imagine Daisy kicking up her heels in the autumn leaves in those little beauts.

    Chestnuts hey? Must say I’ve never tried one – do you roast them in the oven like a tatie or in the coals?

    x Felicity

  6. Ooooo those boots are made for walking… very niiiice!
    I love the little embellishments on the side.
    Actually, I’ve just bought a new pair of tan coloured long boots for Winter… but I’d kinda like to swap with Daisy now :o)

  7. I wonder if they come in my size 😛

  8. I have boot envy now! Those boots are to die for. Why, oh why can’t they make them in grown up size? Well, first of all they wouldn’t look as cute that big!

    Andget those babies roasting on that lovely open fire of yours. xx

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