Point & Shoot

Sunday 17th April 2011
4.20pm @home
: Post Sunday roast lunch walk around the block in the cold Autumnal afternoon air

: I almost squealed (OK I squealed) when I spied this across the road. Who knew they really existed? A true, proper, fairy toad stool! This place is magical, I just knew it!


  1. Beautiful… Just beautiful!

  2. You’re quite right – it is magical in those parts, I reckon.

  3. Look at Harps on that fence, she’s a doll!
    Loving the pics lady. The one of those trees… mesmerising.
    As for the Alice in Wonderland magic mushroom moment… WOW! Lovely :o)

  4. I’m seriously jealous of your magic mushroom! How beautiful are your photos?! xx

  5. Whatever you do don’t eat the mushie!

  6. Oh – the red in the tree. Takes the breath away, truly!

  7. well it’s the prettiest place in the world so keep sharing your pics! we’re down again this saturday and I’m already getting excited about it. Honestly I don’t understand why retro daddy can’t just leave me there for good!!!!


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