Let me entertain you

One thing I like to do is look after people. I like to feed people. I like to make sure they are comfortable when they are in my home. I like them to have nice things to sit on, nice things to look at, nice music to listen to, nice sheets to slip into at night, nice flowers to smell and look at and most certainly a nice something to drink.

I’ve definitely had my practice at doing this over the past 6 months and this weekend is no exception. We have visitors from Sydney, locals for dinner, day trippers for lunch, and catchup’s with people dropping by ahead of us. This morning I have some serious food shopping to do. It’s going to be expensive people. And busy. Very busy. I have many meals ahead that I need to plan for and have supplies on the ready for. It’s going to be frantic at the shops fighting the aisles with every other person down here who will be entertaining guests in a wild panic that the shops won’t be open again and I need to go to lots of different shops – supermarkets, bakeries, florists, fruit & veg, butchers – I will be stopping and  starting in and out like a crazy woman.

But then? Well. My cupboards will be stocked. Fridge bulging with delights. Cellar full. Sheets washed. Beds made. Flowers sitting just so in their vases. And we will be ready and waiting for our guests. And I just about can’t wait!

I LOVE Easter. The weather. The celebration. The food. The stretch of days off. The less craziness of Christmas. Here’s what we were up to at Easter last year and the year before that and then the one before that. Handy having this blog to remind myself what we were up to isn’t it? And also to see just how many hairstyles I have had over the past few years. I will be popping in and out of here over the next couple of days if I get a moment to share what we are up to down here – I hope that you and your families/loved ones have a special time together over the next few days.

Now, time to get those boots on and kick some Easter food shopping arse. Happy Easter!


  1. Oh, Beth, wish I was heading your way for Easter – sounds, looks and tastes gorgeous!

  2. You are the entertainer extrodinaire!! 🙂

  3. Wow, you really go all out for Easter!

    We are officially doing nothing this year, NOTHING! And I’m not happy 🙁

    Usually we head to Thredbo and chill there. Wildlife, hikes, the river, the fresh air, the wombats… But not this year.

    I don’t have anywhere near enough chocolate in the house… Ok, that’s it. I’m off to Woolies on Saturday…


  4. I’m the same I love to fluff around and get the house nice buy some fresh flowers and lots of wine in the fridge! Enjoy your easter remember to take some time for yourself too and put your feet up x

  5. I dream of being an entertainer but alas it is only a pipedream. Enjoy your Easter x

  6. Oh lady, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a 5 day weekend at your place. It sounds like it’s going to rock! Look forward to reading all about it… and some pics of those flowers and meals too, ploise :o)
    Happy Easter Love xo

  7. Happy Easter Beth – I love your enthusiasm for entertaining, just wish I could either find some myself, or pop over to enjoy yours as it all sounds so gorgeous. xxx

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