I don’t like white rabbits

Did you know you say that when you are sitting near a fire and the smoke is getting in your eyes?  You say “I don’t like white rabbits” and it changes directions? It really does! Who knew? Well Rob did, of course.

A new addition to the homestead and a fabulous one at that…a fire pit! We sat outside the other night, under the stars, wine in hand and nattered as the fire crackled and warmed our toes. As much as our inside fire is great for warming the house behind it’s combustion door, there ain’t nothing like an open fire.

I can’t quite believe that it’s Friday already! Friday?! I can’t quite believe the state of my washing pile that has just gotten bigger as the week has gone on and that the weather hasn’t changed. It’s been sunny for approx 3.5 seconds then misty rain and clouds and cold for 45 mins and then sunny for another 3.5 seconds. Rinse and repeat. All week. Quite boring really. I can’t quite believe that Daisy has missed 2 days of school this week after she has been sick with some kind of viral flu/croup thing. I can’t quite believe that it has been over a week or perhaps even longer since I went to bed, stayed in my bed all night, and did not have someone small come in and join us. Will there ever be a time again? I also can’t quite believe that we have more visitors tonight and I have barely thought about anything – the menu for the Royal Wedding extravaganza, what we will wear, do etc. I better get cracking. At least we can be sure that we can spend some time by the fire pit!

See you on the other side.


  1. gorgeous! Did you make that fire pit? Or buy it? xxx

  2. what!!!!!! you haven’t got your outfit or menu planned for the royal wedding! Even keira is excited to watch it so I think I need a quick trip to the supermarket after school for something special!

    enjoy your weekend

  3. White rabbits — huh — who knew! And, 3.5 seconds of sun is a tease that’s almost unbearable!

    Sunny days are coming! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. White rabbit white rabbit white rabbit.

    Yep, 3 times. I knew! Did it just last week while camping. Works a charm.

    Thanks for your honest post yesterday.
    I love that you keep it real.
    Still tres jealous of most of it though 😉

    enjoy the weekend.

  5. Really, you say that? And it works?

    I need to know because we’ve got a fire pit and now I’m inspired to actually put a fire in it.

    And no, I don’t think there will ever be a night where a small person doesn’t join us. I’m resigned. x

  6. PS – thank you for the gorgeous comment you left on my birthday bloggy post. Sheesh, I actually had a tear. x

  7. You need to know that I’m here because of the comment you left on Cate’s blog, which caused me to laugh so hard that my SmartWater went out my left nostril. Pleasure to meet you, Beth…


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  9. That fire pit is amazeballs! I want one. I want one of everything of yours!

    Sorry to hear Daisy is sick, poor little darling. It’s going around, as well as whooping cough, measles and chicken pox! I’ve become a hermit and have been cocooning Edward at home. I’m too scared to go to the shops and in public. I was out last weekend and went through a whole bottle of dettol hand sanitiser a packet of wet wipes too… Um, can you see GERM-A-PHOB!!!!

    Enjoy the wedding, I’m sure you will cook up a feast and the photos you post of it will be amazing. And I’ll be jealous 😉


  10. I agree, there is nothing like an open fire.
    I also have the problem of a guest in the middle of the night, Riley’s 3 and sometimes (when I remember) when I put him to bed I tell him that if he wakes up during the night, he should stay in his own bed and not come in to mine. He says, ‘okay’ and funnily enough, on those nights, he stays in his own bed!

  11. Oh wow wee, that fire pit is amazing, i can feel the warmth from here. It’s getting chilly down here isn’t it?? I’m a bit over the drizzling rain, i didn’t even stop in Bowral (at my sister’s place) on my way home from Brisbane, just zoomed on past. Love Posie

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