Feeling alright

: I love to chop wood {which is just as well}
: I lose patience quickly
: I put way too much lurpak on my hot cross buns & bread
: I am unable to take something out of the microwave before the timer is up {hello crazy}
: I cannot allow piles of washed clothes to sit around and not be put away
: I drink too much
: I don’t like frogs
: I love an open fire
: I am a greedy guts
: I have trouble waking for my children anytime before midnight
: I swear way too much
: I {sometimes} swear in front of my children
: I love to cook
: I get pissed off when people don’t use their indicators
: I am eternally grateful that my husband makes me a coffee each and every day
: I get stressed about stupid stuff. All the time
: I am a doomsdayer and always think the worst case scenario when it comes to my kids
: I am too quick to judge others
: I love the process of washing clothes – each and every step
: I am tough on myself
: I am tough on others too
: I want people to like me
: I think I am funnier than I actually am
: I think that I am {way} cooler than I actually am
: I am in the process of getting better shaped eyebrows
: I love to write
: I’m just me
: I’m always just doing the best I can
: And that’s OK
: By me


  1. Lists – live me a list! Have me thinking about what I would put on mine. Think you forgot a couple of things:

    * I take the most beautiful photos
    * I don’t need to listen to dickheads who sit in judgement behind their keyboards (yep – talking about you Joanna)

    Thanks for creating one of my most visited blogs.

    PS – pissed I didn’t discover Vox Pop prior to leaving Sydney when a trip to Bowral was easy…. boot envy, SERIOUS boot envy.


  2. *love*

    … and these are all the reasons that we think you’re ace!

    ps: I swear in front of my kids too, and fuck me, sometimes I even swear AT them (me bad) :: and I hate people who leave their indicators on! tops my list of top five things that shit me when I’m driving :: love a good list, thanks!

  3. Ok, I have a few questions…

    It’s possible to use too much Lurpak?

    It’s wrong to swear in front of your kids?

    Can you come to my house and put away my washing?

  4. I eat lurpak on your recommendation – you should have been paid for that ad! Yummy.
    I swear too much too and I hate that about me.

  5. I want to know what lurpak is? The rest of your list, aside from not liking frogs and getting better shaped eyebrows, sounds like me!!! Love it x

  6. You forgot to add “I’m a babe” to this list!

  7. This is a marvelous list and an even more mavelous photo. *s*

  8. I differ from you on a couple of points… I can happily watch piles of clean laundry fornicate and double in size. (I just wait until my husband gets sick of it and folds it for me) and I weirdly can’t wait for the microwave to beep, I ALWAYS open the door a few seconds before its finished. I still think we could be friends though!

  9. awwww what a cute photo:) that’s a keeper!

    you sound pretty normal to me! I would hate a fly on the wall video of myself on my blog!


  10. We should be friends 😉

  11. Two things.
    1. You ARE incredibly funny, always have been… and even more than you give yourself credit for.
    2. You need to add that you have BIG BIG heart of gold… because you do!
    That is all xo

  12. I heart that pub (confession: dated a guy from the Wang for four years during uni days).
    And your list.
    Just saying.

  13. Nonsense, you are super cool and super funny!!!

    I’m very jealous about your ability to put away all the laundry! I do all the laundry and NEVER put it away. At the moment I have 4 baskets of clean laundry on my bedroom floor. Ick.

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