The Wedding: Thursday

We’re baaaaack! A mountain of washing, tired legs and very tired children and feeling a little flat as you do when the thing you have been looking forward to for such a long time finally comes, and then goes. And what a triumph it was! If I tried to cover it all off in one post I would actually collapse, so I’ll break it into days. I know that means that there is no photo of the bride if that’s what you were after, but it will be worth your while, because she looked amazing. The whole wedding was one big beautiful celebration, so it will be worth your wait. Promise.

Thursday afternoon we arrived just after lunchtime to the house where the wedding was being held. The place is amazing – all of my family (Mum, brother & sisters and all their kids) stayed in the main house, the wedding was held in the gardens and then the bride and groom stayed up in the Silo which has been converted into the coolest of guest suites with a bathroom and bedroom, sitting room all on different levels. We spent the afternoon catching up with each other, letting the kids go crazy together running through the mazes and gardens spotting frogs and flowers as they went. There were a few preps in the marquee which had been set up and also a dinner for all of our family and the Groom’s family – a rehearsal come what may dinner.

As always the case for me, we all drank a little too much on Thursday night – excited about the days ahead and the fact that on a random Thursday night we were all having dinner with each other – good food, good wine and a fire. The perfect evening and just a taste of all the good to come.


  1. wow.. what a garden! im envious! of it! (arent we all?)

    – tork

  2. You always stay at the most amazing places.

  3. Woah! I’ve just had a peek at Merribee’s website [thanks for the link] and it’s definitely on the list of ‘Dream Places To Stay’ now.

    Looking forward to the rest of the wedding roll out as it unfolds.

    xx Felicity

  4. Ok. Thank you for pre-empting the lack of bride photos, however these did quite nicely. Two things:

    1) Whoever gave all those pressies out to the kids to keep them occupied is GENIUS.

    2) Your husband is hot. Hubba.


  5. Can’t wait for more pics!

  6. Oooo I’m liking the instalments, makes it last longer and builds the suspense around those pics of the bride/bridesmaids.
    What a beautiful looking place AND lovely family shots. Glad it all went off swimmingly :o)

  7. Oh you tease! I wanna see the bride. But I’m enjoying the lead up.

    Isn’t that so the truth… that you get a little down after the big event (of any kind). I always do… x

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