The Wedding: Friday

Friday morning we awoke to a beautiful day but we didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy it there was plenty to do. Tables to set. Lights to hang in trees. Signs to put up. Bouquets to make. Flower arrangements to be placed everywhere. And each and every one of us all got stuck in – family, friends, the bridal party and of course the Bride & Groom who absolutely did not stop the entire day. It sure is hard work when you do all the preparations for a big occasion like this, but I think it makes it all worthwhile when you see all your ideas and vision come together before your eyes. I heard my Mum talking to someone later in the weekend about how good to was for all our kids (the 8 nephews & nieces of all my family) see all their parents working hard, working together, helping each other out and seeing how with a little hard work you can make anything happen.

Thank goodness for my sister, an Ipad and google for helping us work out how to fold the napkins!

Don’t you love the ‘cootie catchers’ that my sister made up for all of the tables? They had fun things like take a photo with someone from your table, or tell someone you love them written in them. So fun!

You can see in this shot that the table settings were all street names from places that they travelled all around the world (the photos were shots that they had taken). She then had them in sweet little frames sitting on the tables. Classy. Noice.

Of course we had some tissue pom poms. We used the template from Martha Stewart and they were really easy to make – and I can say that because I instructed the Bridesmaids on how to make them they sat back and watched. See? Really easy.

Dessert was a table of various delights that friends and family had made. These pretties were mini carrot cakes made by one of the Bridesmaids and were so good.

Whilst we were certainly busy there was plenty of laughter, always a glass of champagne in someones hand and a great feeling of anticipation and excitement about seeing all the efforts being enjoyed by everyone the next day.


  1. I honestly thought there was no way on earth that the wedding could possibly come close to your hen’s – but wow, fabulousness certainly does run in the genes. This wedding looks AH-MAY-ZING! What a lovely start to married life – particularly the whole friends and family aspect – loving that.

  2. I love how involved everyone is with the preparation, and all being together to enjoy time prior to the big event is a great idea. Weddings just go too fast, so this extends the fun.
    All looks beautiful!

  3. This just looks like so much fun- I know that for you guys the prep will be half the adventure of the wedding. I can’t wait to see the final result all together!

  4. What I love about this wedding is that it’s a true family celebration.

    Your photos exude fun and connectedness and although I know everyone would have been going ‘flat strap’ I can imagine there was a great energy about the place.

    Loving the little touches of thoughtfulness and style & can’t wait for the next installment.

    x Felicity

  5. Simply Stunning. No other words can describe.

    Question, what is in the glass jars with the water?

  6. I am loving getting involved in all the pres, Beth. The excitement is building for me. Those flowers in the hanging jars are so divine I feel itchy. x

  7. Thanks Ellie – those flowers are white hydrangeas which I managed to get from a neighbours garden! It was almost impossible to get any white ones from the markets or florists in Sydney but low and behold my little town came through with the goods!

  8. White hydrangeas…. STUNNING! I love the little details and really do believe that doing all the fiddly things together really makes everyone feel so invested in the wedding. God those mini-carrot cakes look bloody delicious, I adore carrot cake with lots of cream cheese icing!

  9. I just know that each post is going to get better and better. Reading your blog right now is like having a brilliant novel… that you can’t wait to see what happens.

    Hurry up Beth and write, write, write…

    I am in awe of how beautiful everything is. Absolutely stunning. x

  10. Ooooo it’s all coming together… juuuust nicely!
    Can’t wait for the next instalment lady.
    Those tissue pom pom’s are exquisite, loving those!
    What an utterly fab lead in to a wedding. You guys sure know how to savour the moment :o)

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