The Wedding: The Big Day

So here we are…at last! Thank you for being patient and waiting and thanks to the emails for those begging me for shots before hand – I hope it’s worth your wait! I have to say that my amazingly talented husband Rob is responsible for all these amazing shots. A professional photographer he is not, but he managed to take these fabulous photos with our little camera, do some amazing post production on them and get them ready for me to give to you all waaaay before they should have been. AND all in between being the MC for the wedding as well. So three cheers for Rob!

Grab a drink, sit back and soak up the beauty that was “The wedding of Lucy & Chris”.

I wish them all happiness in the world.
I wish them endless love.
I wish them patience and kindness to each other with all that life throws at them.
And I want to thank them for including me in such a special way on their big day.


  1. Beth, I have loved these pictures πŸ™‚
    I love the setting and the decorations – what a perfect day.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous. Stunning. Breathtaking.

    Best bit? Fourth photo from the end with you all looking like Girls from St Trinians. Too good.

  3. Ummm….AH-MAZING!!!!!!!!! Photos are incredible Rob! And wow, I know she looked good in real life, but that is one beautiful bride!! And the bridesmaids aren’t too bad either. LOVE the blue steel shot. You’d think we’d all done that before?! Great post Betty – I”ll be sending people over here fo’ shizzle.

  4. Awww what a treat! Made me go all goosebumpy. Where do I start??? Wedding looks magical! Bride looks pretty as a picture. Groom also looks the goods. The wedding party absolutely stunning. And YOU lady friend, look HOT patootie :o)
    That first pic of the bride & groom smiling, not looking at the camera… perfection!
    So glad I got to see these hot off the press. Thanks for making the posts so special for the reader :o)
    P.S. Job well done Rob, also!

  5. I poured a glass of bubbles in anticipation and it was SO WORTH THE WAIT

    MMMMM yum to everything ….

  6. Sheesh, those photographs are STUNNING…. wow, gorgeous. Your sister looks radiant, complete, happy and the bridesmaids, just beautiful. Tell Rob not to ever buy a pro camera please! His photos are beautiful.

  7. I have loved this whole series, makes me wish I was one of your family. Just beautiful, the photos (thanks Rob) the wedding and the togetherness. xxx

  8. so, so beautiful! Loved the bridal party pout shot x

  9. So worth the wait. So, so, so, SO worth the wait. Gorgeous perfection. Thank you for sharing x

  10. So many beautiful blondies! So nice to ‘meet’ you here.
    (via Tai Tai) XOL

  11. OMG! Absolutely stunning! I’m overwhelmed and need to say so much!

    1. You all look BEAUTIFUL!
    2. Could you all be any prettier?
    3. Umm… Hubby took some rockin’ photos! You’ve got a keeper there.
    4. I love all the details. Like am crazy mad about them.
    5. I think I want to get married again…

  12. Your husband needs to consider a career change – these photos are amazing!

    Looks like the most picture perfect day – makes me wanna do it all over again…

  13. Simply divine! xx

  14. Just beautiful! Thanks for including us all πŸ™‚

  15. Lovely!!!!

    The one with your sister’s arms in the air and the bridesmaids in the mirror is my personal favorite!!

  16. Your husband takes some seriously good shots … wow! Love the dresses, you all look gorgeous. And LOVE the shot with the lamb cutlet – hilarious!

  17. Sumptuously stunning and OH SO worth the wait.

    xx to all.


  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
    And well worth the wait.
    What a stunning, magical wedding. You all look amazing and the photos exude a kind of warmth that is just beautiful.
    Well done and thank you. πŸ™‚

  19. How totally GORGEOUS!! You all looked smashing!

    Well done Rob, beautiful photos…what program did he use when editing??

    Thanks for sharing the day with us πŸ™‚

  20. I’ve so enjoyed this wedding “series”. Thanks for sharing every detail. What gorgeous decorations, what a beautiful family to help out so much, what a gorgeous couple and beautiful bridal party. Love the colours, the relaxed way the bridal party were with Rob taking the pics (he could earn a crust doing this!). Loved how happy and relaxed you all seem. All makes for a perfect wedding. Happy wedding anniversary too. x

  21. I too have LOVED this wedding series! And congrats Rob for taking some smashing photos! Not a professional? No way. Thanks so much for sharing these Beth, it looks like it was the wedding of the year!


  22. Stunning multiplied by a hundred! Everyone and everything look so perfect. Happy times and romance like this is what makes life worth living. Lovely to finally the beautiful bride and the big day. Great post.

  23. Stunning!! Always enjoy good wedding photos.

  24. Definately worth the wait!

    Thank you and love to you all! Xx

  25. Have just looked over the past two wedding posts. Gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing this. Love a good wedding! *dabs eyes*


    She is a beautiful bride; one of the prettiest, stylish brides ever. I love her dress and her styling. So lovely.

    And you, you gorgeous thing. You looked GREAT in your frock. Still a little edgey like you like, not too weddingy. Very well done.

    I gotta add, that if THAT’S your sultry pose, well, I can see why you’re not getting any!!!!! πŸ™‚ Love ya.


  27. Ohhhh totally amazing!!! love all these pictures, so wonderful and intimate, i feel like i was there!!! gorgeous bride and stunning scenery!!!

  28. What an absolutely gorgeous looking wedding – the bride looked so beautiful. And those photos are excellent too!!!
    have a great weekend Beth

  29. oh I love a good wedding. If I hadn’t gone into banking I think I should have gone into the wedding industry. It looks stunning, what a beautiful couple and bridal party

    just beautiful

  30. Wow! I’m so glad I found your blog!
    I stumbled across it searching for pictures of weddings at merribee- what a beautiful wedding your hubby has captured. We are getting married there next march (yay!) and it makes me so happy to see other merribee weddings with the same wonderful, relaxed vibe & all hands on deck that I think we’ll have too.
    AND… I’ve found another great blog to add to the reader!

  31. Oh. I just got all choked up. Just stunning … really beautiful. Amazing pics, wow.

    Makes me want to get divorced, so I can get married again – EXACTLY like that.


  32. wowh! Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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