Sunshine, lollypops

Yesterday we had our first sunny day in just over 2 weeks. It was glorious. I got washing done. I did some gardening. I finally stacked away the woodpile that was wet and delivered weeks ago. I opened all the windows and let the fresh sunshiney air in.

And today it looks the same again. Needless to say the washing machine is on. It’s going to be clean sheet day and that, to me, is always a good day.


  1. On Sunday I did a market and it was the most beautiful sunny day. So many people were complaining about the heat, it wasn’t hot, it was just perfect. The kind of weather that makes you feel alive. We have had the most pathetic summer so I’m happy with any kind of sunshine.

  2. Oh I love me some clean sheets! Sadly, I find something very therapeutic from seeing my washing flapping in the sun!
    Great pics Beth!

  3. After nothing but rain here for the last 3 days, the sun has finally made an apperance. So now I’m off to be a slave to the washing machine too! Nice pics! 🙂

  4. Please send some rain this way. No rain in Perth for 7 weeks now! Still experiencing mid 30’s (every day) at the end of March! At least the nights are cooler. But rain, we miss you.
    Have the most fabulous weekend! I cannot wait for photos after the hens night.

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